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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each other. Have you taken your... Read More

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    I am planning on applying to the TWU weekend program from Spring 2011. Is he weekend program offered every year or is it only offered in even numbered years? I would like to go to the Dallas campus.

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    good question! I don't know. Also, they canceled the fast track program, so you might want to see if they canceled the weekend program as well.
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    Does anyone know what book is used for Pharmacology in the weekend program?
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    saralou, sorry, I don't know. I took pharm at UTA. Someone else might know better though...
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    Hey yall! I got accepted to TWU houston for Fall 09. So if you guys have any questions, I can try me best to help you!! Just send me a private message, lol this thread is sooo long it would take days for me to go through it.
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    Yes I have lot of questions for you. Are you in Houston/ Dallas?
    We are going to have our first advisement session on Dec 11 so what we should expect there? How they will register our classes? So far I have seen monday tuesday and thursday classes and I wonder when we will have our clinicals? How students pick their hospital? From where You buy your scrubs and other required stuff and what is the color of scrubs? How we can prepare ourselves best for junior 1 session. I have not taken pathophysiology so I wonder after how many days we will have our first test and how many chapters? Any helpful hints regarding assessment class will be helpful. And when you go first day in class what should students expect?
    I am sorry that I am asking a lot of questions but your inputs will be equal to treasure for us.
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    Hello All,
    I am in the Weekend nursing program and had to miss orientation last night due to my truck breaking down. It killed me to not be there. I am hoping some of you were there and wouldn't mind filling me in on the information I missed. Did they tell about uniforms needed, equipment, books, etc.?? Anything you could share would be great!!
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    We got a wealth of information. Most importantly we registered for the classes for Spring. There are three classes that you have to register for. You can register from home, just get the section information. We got a tour of the building. For the Spring we are required to come every Saturday for assessment for clinicals. Everything else in online. We got the information on textbooks we need for Spring, uniforms, badges and patches and shoes, stestoscopes were discussed and will be needed for Spring. Uniform is white top and marroon bottoms. Everything can be purchased in Majors bookstore by the school. If you have further quetions just post and I will reply.
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    We did blood testing and had a packet that we have to fill out. We also got Financial aid forms and information.
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    Saralou! its okay...don't beat yourself up too hard.we did our registration and talked about the program in will also want to get your orientation packet 'cos there are some forms you will need to fill out.
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