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Hello everyone!:wavey: I am starting this thread... a year early. That is how much I want to be accepted into the Fall 2013 BSN program at TWU in Dallas. I am taking my TEAS on August 30 so that... Read More

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    No it came from ***** in Denton, as far as I understand Denton does all of the application processing for the Houston Campus too
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    Oh okay thanks! I'm gonna try to contact them later today.
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    Ahh, its March! Only a few weeks left. Have not heard anything at all from the school, so I hope that is a good thing....
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    I know it's so nerve wrecking!!! Ughhh
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    Quote from Laneerobinson
    Hello everyone!! I applied for the fall 2013 program! I finally passed the Teas! My twin sister was accepted this past fall so she is in there now! I hope to Join her! We have similar Gpa and teas score so I'm hoping for the best!! I want to meet my former classmates !!
    Hi I am new to all I applied to twu as well and I am a current twu student and I am also getting the dump and I am currently taking patho at's going good I am so nervous do you mine telling what was ur twins GPA and stuff that got her accepted to twu?
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    Hey pichardo welcome! Are you taking patho in Dallas? That is where I am. I suppose it's easy if you read the book lol. Good luck!
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    Certainly, she made a 70.6 on teas and 3.8 without bump but she did get the bump! My Gpa isn't as high as hers lol! Mines around a 3.6 and I made a 69.7 on teas!! How did you do on teas and how's your Gpa? I'm just as nervous and Anxious as you are!! We took path at twu in Denton !
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    Has anyone noticed how past years the thread for applicants was a lot more active?
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    I have noticed that as well! When I first joined there were many people applying to twu . It's like the number of people applying is declining!
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    Quote from Laneerobinson
    I have noticed that as well! When I first joined there were many people applying to twu . It's like the number of people applying is declining!
    I hope so.
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    Hi everyone,
    I have been monitoring this thread for a while and finally decided to join.
    With that said, I was wondering if anyone had received an email from TWU recently stating that their application was being processed/reviewed?
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    Hello and welcome!! I haven't received any emails from twu. Have you?? I check it like everyday lol I'm soo anxious😣