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Hello everyone!:wavey: I am starting this thread... a year early. That is how much I want to be accepted into the Fall 2013 BSN program at TWU in Dallas. I am taking my TEAS on August 30 so that... Read More

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    Quote from deerylime
    So this is kind of a silly question, but have you seen any students with piercings/tattoos? I have tattoos and my ears pierced a couple of times. I am fully expecting to have to wear sleeves the whole time. But I was wondering have you seen any instances of people being told to cover up?
    During lecture, the professors don't care whether you have piercings or tattoos visible. But during lab and during clinicals, when you are expected to be in full uniform, you absolutely cannot have any tattoos showing or more than 2 earlobe piercings in. Hope that helps!
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    Well it's almost march....i'm getting anxious!
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    I have already checked my email twice today!
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    Will you also send me the link to your blog? I couldn't find it either!
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    Does anyone know the time frame that we should be expecting to find out acceptance?
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    @tessthebest We should find out by the end of March or in April. I think it was on March 29th last year but it varies.
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    Hey ya'll I have been reading this thread for a while, I also applied to the TWU houston campus and I did receive an email today about core completion so keep checking!! good luck to everyone hope to see you guys in the fall!
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    What does the email about core completion say?
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    Idk if I'm more excited about hearing back from TWU or my vacation!!! I'm worried I'm going to get an email when I'm out of the country at the end of March. :/ I applied to Dallas. Prior degree, 4.0 in prereqs, 4/4 A's, and I think like an 85??? 84.7...something like that on the TEAS. I'm just ready to hear something. Good luck everybody!!!
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    Ah I still haven't received any email about core completion does your TSI also say I'm incomplete on your transcript for them?
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    Ahhh march madness is almost here...
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    The Core Completion email at first said that my application could not be processed because there was no indication I was enrolled in or was going to take my humanities class. It said that upon acceptance to the nursing program the core class must be complete or you will be pulled from the program. It also said that the statement I send back to them is a contract. I emailed back to let them know the class would be complete over the summer and then I would be core complete. Received an email saying "Thank you, your application is being processed." @carlajeanx3 my TSI does not say I'm incomplete on my transcript which I thought was weird :/ I hope to hear something soon because the anticipation is killing me!
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    How weird, yeah mine says complete too but I was told I would be getting that email too. Don't worry the email is good that you got it because it does not hinder your acceptance at all. Was the email straight from the houston campus? I might call them today to make sure mine was not lost or anything.