TWU Dallas Fall 2011 Accepted!

  1. It was recommended on the other page that we start a thread for TWU's Fall 2011 Dallas accepted nursing students. Here you go! Lets be cordial and get to know everyone. We are going to be doing the same thing and seeing one another for the next two years. I know I will have a lot of questions throughout this process. I think that we can help one another more than we know.

    Let me start it off. Im Zeek. I am a post bac student with a degree in biology. Im originally from Louisiana.
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  3. by   TWUDallasAdvisor
    CONGRATS to all who have been accepted to Dallas! I just wanted to share a few things with you guys (and this is at the top of the thread so you all will read it - yay!)

    It will be AT LEAST a week or two until you hear something official from the Dallas campus about your acceptance. As you know, accepted students have until April 15th to confirm their acceptance with Denton. Denton will not release the names and contact info to Dallas until they have a FULL class of confirmed students. Without names and contact info, there's not a whole lot we can do. We're hoping to get the list, even a partial list, sooner than that, but it's not something we can control.

    Your acceptance packet will be EMAILED to you at your TWU email address when we get the list. Dallas no longer mails the acceptance packets. It saves time and is enviromentally friendly. So keep checking your TWU email address!

    One thing to note - New Student Orientation will be held on Friday, May 6 at the Dallas Center starting at 8:30 am and ending about 2:00 pm. It is VITAL that you attend Orientation, and you'll get more detailed information via email soon, but I wanted to start getting the date out there so you guys can make arrangements (take off work, get child care, etc.) to attend if you need to.

    You'll be "officially" hearing from us soon! Congrats again and welcome to Dallas!
  4. by   x3kriisss
    Yayy I'm so excited! I can't believe I got in, I'm still in shock! My name is Kristin and I look forward to meeting y'all at orientation(: has anyone started a Facebook page yet? Congrats to all!
  5. by   zeek1
    Hi Kristin. congrats to u as well. and i dont think anyone has started a facebook page just yet.
  6. by   cchapman2
    Hey everyone! My name is Candace. Like Kristen, I'm still reeling from shock that I got in. I'm so, unbelievably excited Congratulations to everyone!
  7. by   CMarie89
    Hey! I got in too!! I'm excited!! thanks dallas advisor for the info! Can't wait for May 6th!! Congrats to everyone!!
  8. by   zeek1
    hi candace and c-marie!

    i think we are all still excited. i think im a little too excited. ive already ordered my wine scrubs. im getting a little ahead of myself but i cant help it. lol
  9. by   TwinkletoebellsRN
    Hi everyone!
    I am so glad we have this chance to talk and share experiences. My name is Mischa, and I am still crazy excited about getting in, just like you all. It's a great feeling.
    I can't wait for the orientation to learn what's ahead of us and to meet you.

    Zeek, thanks for creating the thread!!!
  10. by   RobynAlicia
    Hey Everyone!
    My name is Robyn and I can't wait to meet everyone! Thanks for giving us the heads up on May 6!
  11. by   princesstl121
    hi everyone,

    my name is Trana and I'm so excited to get to start the nursing program with everyone. I can't wait to see what it brings and what great people I'm going to meet. I'm excited to meet you all on may 6th for our orientation! See ya there!
  12. by   gous1234
    Thanks for getting this started Zeek! I hope we can get a facebook page going to! I know we all have a tough road ahead of us but will soooo be worth it and will be great to have eachother's back thru this journey. I'm looking forward to orientation, and glad it's less than a month away, because I'm definetely anxious! I"m finishing up patho this spring semester and taking it in Dallas, and when I say it's tough, and the notes are not near enough to study i'm serious. You must read the book and study guide. I'm used to making A's in most my classes and currently not doing so hot, but am passing. Just gonna finish strong, and soooo glad I got it out of the way, because i know our first semester is going to be tough! Love having this forum for us to stay in touch and get to know eachother and once again CONGRATS TO ALL TWU FUTURE NURSING STUDENTS!!!!
  13. by   gous1234
    I know for sure we have to have white tops with wine bottoms. I'm a little ahead of myself too, but was just making sure and I found out!
  14. by   zeek1
    hello trana, robyn, mischa ang G?

    well since the facebook page was mentioned again i created it. i hope you all join. Lets be supportive of one another during our 2 yrs of living and breathing nursing. lol

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