TVCC 2013 applicants ADN (Got 21 points?) - page 4

I will be applying to TVCC this fall, and this is the first year for the new max of 21 points. I'm just wondering since there are no offical records, how many people have 21 points? I don't have 21... Read More

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    Lone star college systems. They have 3 ADN programs that start in August.

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    Are any of the lone star campuses in DFW?
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    No, they are in Houston.
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    Houston is a little too far for me. The DFW area is ultra competitive!!!
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    I understand. That's why I said if you can afford to relocate it is a good back up. They have four that start this fall. I think I have a good chance at being put in at least one. I'm just ready to finish already. Good luck!
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    Anyone receive an acceptance letter yet?
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    No, have you?
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    Does anyone know when applicants will be notified for the TVCC Nursing Program for Fall 2013??
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    I think the last week of March. I can't wait to know if I'm here or moving to Houston. I will be in somewhere!
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    I got an email/ acceptance today!!!

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