tpapn nurse cant find work dfw area!

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    I have been in tpapn for almost 2 years and cant find a job because nobody wants to work with tpapn. if i dont work i will not be compliant was wondering if anyone else in dfw area is having this problem? if you are please let me know. or if anyone knows tpapn friendly employers that would be great.

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    Have you tried nursing homes? Although many people don't want to be bothered with working in LTC, I have worked at several nursing homes in the Fort Worth area that have hired TPAPN nurses. The blunt truth is that you will probably not find one single hospital that will be willing to deal with the restrictions that revolve around a TPAPN order on one's license. Also, many employers are becoming more selective and opting to not hire TPAPN nurses due to the slumping economy. Good luck to you!
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    try home health agencies
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    im going to second nursing homes. i have worked with several nurses working through tpapn in various ft worth nursing homes.
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    oh poo this is a old thread... i should have looked
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    Thanks anyway txspadequeenRN there are many people that read every single post on TPAPN and need up to date information!
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    WOuld they allow TPAPN nurses to work night shifts on their first 6 months?
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    Quote from batman9
    WOuld they allow TPAPN nurses to work night shifts on their first 6 months?
    No, not if you are the only RN in the building during the night.

    The TPAPN nurses with whom I've worked have either been hired to day shift or the evening shift (3 to 11, 2 to 10pm).
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    Thanks for that quick response.would you mind telling me which nursing homes at dfw area so I could submit my application too.this huge favor will not just help me out with employment but you are saving my family from crisis likewise my mortgages.thank you again!
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    TheCommuter,i got your private message last night,thank you!im gonna look them up today and call them tomorrow to apply.I cant PM you maybe its because im a rookie on this website for nurses.I appreciate you!

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