Texas Tech Traditional BSN Fall 2012

  1. I'm totally new to this and I am amazed at all the information this web site provides! Is anyone else on here going to be applying for the TTU Traditional Nursing Program for the Fall 2012 semester? Also, I need to take intro to nursing and pathophysiology this Spring. Is it best just to take it at Tech? Any input would be most helpful!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello and welcome to the site.

    I moved your thread to the TX Nursing Programs forum where I think you will get more response.

    Good luck!
  4. by   REDRAIDER1
    I'm currently in the program as a junior. I suggest taking pathophysiology and intro to nursing through tech. It is must easier to transfer, and you don't have to go through the hassle of switching schools (assuming you're a tech student already.) I took intro in the spring and patho over the summer and made an A in both. its a LOT of reading, so be sure you're prepared for that along with any other pre-requisites you still need to take! :]

    Hope this helps!
  5. by   248bwhite
    Hello everyone,
    I am applying to the Traditional BSN program for the Fall of 2012. I have never applied to something that is so important to me. I was wondering if anyone on here could give me and insite on how the acceptance goes. I have a 3.4 overall GPA and not sure exactly about my science classes GPA but it is good. I have volunteer work, I am CPR certified and, I wrote an essay. I already took pathophysiology and I am in intro right now. Can someone please tell me my possiblity of getting into the program. This is really a make or brake thing for me! thank you everyone
  6. by   poro2023
    I too am applying to TTU in El Paso for fall 2012. I also would like to know about acceptance percentage for TTU. I am so nervous about not getting in. I have a 3.82 GPA and a 4.0 in my sciences. However, I don not have any work or volunteer experience, but I am CPR certified. I am taking Intro to nursing right now and have already taken Pathophysiology at TTU. I do know that a lot of my classmates have previous medical experience or are a CNA or LVN. Which makes me so nervous, that I won't have a chance. If their is anyone who has been accepted into TTU nursing program, will you please let me know what your experience/ GPA's were. Also I would like to know what the interview process is like. Any insight would be appreciated!!
  7. by   248bwhite
    Hello poro2023,
    Wow! your GPA is awesome. I really dont feel like you will have a problem getting in. I dont have that high of a GPA but I do have a lot of extras that I hope will set me over the edge. I just moved up here to do this and only this! I am going to be lost if I dont get in for this fall! Im freaking out. I look on this website and see all of these high GPA's and it gets me scared I have to admit. I don't really have a backup plan and the bad thing is that the BSN is only offered once a year. What do you think that my chances are even though I have a 3.3 GPA. I thought if the minimum was 2.5 that I was doing pretty good but after seeing all of the other peoples GPA's it makes me nervous. I just hope they will give me a chance.
  8. by   RedRaiderStudent
    I'm also applying & very nervous. I have a 3.4 and no work experience. I have no clue what the acceptance rate is at all. I only applied to Texas Tech-Lubbock, so if I don't get in I have no clue what I'm going to do.
  9. by   248bwhite
    You and I are in the same boat. I have had a little experience but I feel like my GPA will hurt me!! I hope not, I thought it was pretty good till I got on here and saw others. Did you write an essay? I was told by the nursing advisor that it was very good to have an essay. I dont know!! Im nervous but its all out of my hands now... just a waiting game!
    - fingers crossed!
  10. by   LittleMissRedRaider
    [FONT=book antiqua]Hey y'all! I too applied for the fall 2012 SON in Lubbock. I have no medical volunteer work, but hours in other areas, am part of 2 honor societies, and have a few awards. My GPA is between 3.6-3.8, but dunno my science GPA. The application process was smooth but STRESSFUL! I applied kind of late and am hoping the NursingCAS gets my letters in time... So anxious! If this doesn't pan out I going to be devastated; I want this so badly. I plan on moving to Lubbock sometime in the summer. Currently I am taking pathophysiology and intro to nursing, both online. The patho is a TON of reading! Its only the 2nd week and I feel like I'm drowning. Intro is pretty easy.

    [FONT=book antiqua]Did any one have reference letters? If I had applied sooner I could have gotten some, but obviously didn't. Also, I noticed poro2023 mentioned an interview? Will we have "one on one" interviews? I live 10 hours away, that would suck, but makes time to house hunting? P

    To those worried about their GPA's, I don't know for sure, but wouldn't worry too much. Actions could speak louder than transcripts? If you have proven through your work that you are capable, getting in shouldn't be hard.

    Till anything new is posted... I am crossing my finger, rubbing a rabbits foot, and on my knee's pray'in for all of us!
  11. by   RedRaiderStudent
    I wrote an essay, but I didn't have any reference letters. I was looking at a thread from last year for TTU & the people on there said they didn't get acceptance letters until late April/early May. So, I guess we'll be waiting a while to find out.
  12. by   LittleMissRedRaider
    I wrote an essay too. RedRaiderStudent, I think I saw the same posting and am also asuming our letters will be just the same. For those taking classes April/May will be here in no time! Still a bit anxious though.

    My transcripts finally showed up on the NursingCAS website, they were listed as recieved last week (before the deadline, YAY!).
  13. by   RedRaiderStudent
    Oh, that's good! Has your GPA been calculated? Mine hasn't, I'm not sure if that matters or not?
  14. by   LittleMissRedRaider
    Nope, but I am glad you brought that up! When did you e-submit your application? Was it early? I submitted on January 19th, my transcripts went out on the 20th/23rd and were listed as received on the 26th. After reading other postings about how slow their processing can be (5 weeks!), I thought I was dead in the water... But it seems to have all worked out! So I had been wondering if other's GPA had been calculated, but maybe NursingCAS won't update till sometime after tonight's deadline and all applications are in? Or just not at all...? I'll be checking it daily till anything changes!