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I'm totally new to this and I am amazed at all the information this web site provides! Is anyone else on here going to be applying for the TTU Traditional Nursing Program for the Fall 2012 semester? Also, I need to take intro to... Read More

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    Quote from Mchicky24
    <p style="text-align: left;"><span style="font-family: verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif"><font color="#000000">My Merlin still shows no status and I haven't received my formal offer yet. I know it's coming soon, but I can't help but worry. I don't think I have ever checked my email so much in my life. lol<br>
    <br><br>CALL THEM! I could not take it anymore so I just called and they send me the official offer...

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    Quote from mchicky24
    my merlin still shows no status and i haven't received my formal offer yet. i know it's coming soon, but i can't help but worry. i don't think i have ever checked my email so much in my life. lol

    call them! i could not take it anymore so i just called and they send me the official offer...
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    @Jahi What did they say when you called? Just that they would send you an official offer? And then you got one in an email?
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    Ok everyone, I received my official offer via email! I just got finished accepting the offer and paying the fee. See you all in July!!
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    Just checked: I've accepted my official offer!

    Perhaps the easiest $100 ever spent?
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    That is awesome that you guys got your official offers! I am hoping that means the rest of us will be getting ours soon!
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    Yay, I'm glad you guys received them! I'm still waiting lol.
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    Nevermind, I just logged into Merlin and I could accept there.
    But, I never received an email?
    So, everyone else just make sure to check Merlin, because it might be there.
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    Aggg! I haven't gotten my official offer I am going to go check Merlin! Congrats you guys on receiving your official offers!! I wonder when we will hear news about orientation?! AGG exciting! P.S. We should all add each other on facebook?
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    Quote from LittleMissRedRaider
    You are not alone... I've checked my e-mail 4 times today. Still nothing. But I think your right, we SHOULD have something this week. Hopefully! Haha, I too have that fear of dreams shredding and encountering an "Oops, sorry!" message. As for orientation, I don't actually know but am guessing each campus' will be different? Since their response deadline is so soon. Just a guess though.
    Yay! I am glad your MOST likely coming to Tech
    On that note, plus sharing helpful information, lets just agree to study groups now? lol!

    Btw, I'm Lynsey. Its nice to "meet" you, Sarah!
    Nice to meet you Lynsey! Yes, I agree to study groups! lol I am getting pretty anxious about my offer now-- I might of emailed one of the advisors about it oopsiee Also on a completely random note I can NOT wait to buy scrubs! YES!! Is anyone else looking at apartments in lubbock?

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