Texas Board of Nursing Update

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    [font=book antiqua]hello:

    [font=book antiqua]i was wondering if anyone knew how often the texas bon updates their website for licensure. any response would be appreciated!!

    [font=book antiqua]thank you!

    [font=book antiqua]jadu1106
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  3. by   texjessrn
    I think it just depends. If you are a new grad who just took NCLEX or if you are getting endorsed where you had your license from another state. I just graduated in May. Some of my friends have waited up to a week or more for their license to be posted. I took my NCLEX on a Monday and it was posted on Thursday morning, I also paid for the quick results from Pearson Vue.
  4. by   jadu1106

    Thanks for the quick reply! I am just nervous..I tested on Tuesday, and got the "good" pop up with the PVT. I am hoping it works, and just thought maybe I might see it on the BON website before the 48 hr results from Pearson!


  5. by   WVUfan
    It does depend. I spoke with a person who posts the licenses online, deals with applications going to Enforcement, etc and she said that she had 100 on her desk to take care of just on that day.
    Good luck and don't sweat it!!
  6. by   jadu1106
    Quote from wvufan
    it does depend. i spoke with a person who posts the licenses online, deals with applications going to enforcement, etc and she said that she had 100 on her desk to take care of just on that day.
    good luck and don't sweat it!!
    thank you for responding! it's been more than a week and i still haven't seen my name on the bon website! i'm gonna give it a few more days and hope it shows on there soon! thanks!

  7. by   jadu1106

    hello everyone,

    [color=#483d8b]i am somewhat concerned. i tested on 7/20, did the pvt and got the good pop-up screen. 48 hrs later, i paid for quick results, which show "pass". i am so happy, it is such an incredibly great feeling. i have been working on my resume and cover letter all week, but still almost 2 weeks later, my license # is still not showing on the bon website. could this mean something wrong? i am trying to stay positive. pearsonvue shows i passed, so what is taking so long for the bon website to update? am i supposed to do something else? more paperwork to austin or should i just try calling them or wait another couple of days?

    [color=#483d8b]thanks for taking the time to read..any suggestions or comments would be appreciated!

  8. by   jadu1106

    i graduated in 2006 and was unaware of the jurisprudence exam we now have to take here in texas. i only found out after calling the bon yesterday. my license # had not been posted d/t the fact that i had not taken this other exam. i had no clue i had to take this exam. i did the exam last night and passed. it wasn't easy, but it wasn't extremely hard. there were some difficult questions that were tricky. it took me almost all of the 2 hrs.

    i am hoping this coming week my name will be posted on the bon website along side my license #!!! :d

    all the best,
  9. by   jasy
    Texas board of nursing is slow, compared to other states, they always give a lame excuse that their resources are limited, there are lot of people out there without jobs, raise the license fees and give somebody a job be productive and let us also be productive. What a lame excuse it is to say their resources are limited. Raise 50 bks each on licensure fees and hire someone. This lack of resources lame excuse costing us RNs money because we are out of jobs for their laziness. Its like we dont want to work we dont want u to work too. Folks this is not the way to operate.
  10. by   kcampbell1127
    I agree why are they taking so long to update my license! It's been a week, since I found out I passed
  11. by   Bortaz, RN
    My "quick results" were posted precisely 48 hours after the start of my test. My license was on the BON website precisely 48 hours after that.

    Yes. I was fanatically checking every minute around the clock.
  12. by   Msdismuke
    When did you test? I'm going through the same situation
  13. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    The TxBon updates the licenses on the website on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    If it is not there on Tuesday, don't bother checking on Wednesday, earliest it will show up is Thursday. And if it is not there Thursday, don't bother checking again till Tuesday.