TEAS V 2012

  1. I am taking the TEAS again one week after my first attempt. Does anyone know if you get the same test or a totally different set of questions?

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  3. by   babs218
    I took the TEAS V twice, five days apart. The second time the questions were totally different than the first. However, I noticed that the second test had many of the same reading questions as the online practice tests.

    The second time around the math section was much harder, or so I thought. All of my scores substantially improved the second time around, though. Good luck!
  4. by   Vincent12
    thanx babs! Did you study what was suggested on the back page of your first time results?
  5. by   babs218
    Quote from Kaltenrieder
    I am taking the TEAS again one week after my first attempt. Does anyone know if you get the same test or a totally different set of questions?

    Yes and no. I think the first test was more of a 'get the feeling for the format' experience. While the practice exams are supposed to accomplish that, there's no good substitute for taking the real test.

    After taking the exam the first time I realized that:
    1) I was in no danger of running out of time so chill out a little
    2) my weak areas are still my weak areas, study those harder for the 2nd try
    3) it wasn't as bad as I thought, I was much calmer the 2nd try

    All of my scores improved by at least 10 or more points the 2nd try. I even scored 100% on the Math and Grammar sections (shocker). I think it was because I wasn't so stressed out, not because I studied what was on that 2nd page.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Vincent12
    Thank you sooooooo much.
  7. by   dccubano
    I took the TEAS twice and scored and 84% overall both times. Here is my breakdown:

    1st attempt
    Math 80%
    Reading 92%
    Science 85%
    English 70% (yikes)

    2nd attempt
    Math 90%
    Reading 88%
    Science 79%
    English 80%

    I thought the exam was harder the second time. I believe science section is just luck o f the draw. The topics I had the first time around I was more familiar with. There were some questions on hormones and osmosis/filtration that confused me during the 2nd attempt. It is frustrating especially after hearing how everybody does better the second time around. I submitted my second scores, I think they were better balanced. I was hoping to score closer to 90%. I know an 84% is not bad but most of us on this board are overachievers.
  8. by   Vincent12
    I improved quite a bit the second go around. All 80s. Reading was almost a 90 which kills me because I could have used an extra point.Not sure where you all are applying but I am applying at Weatherford ADN which is a point system. 70-79=1, 80-89=2, 90-99=3. I was happy to go from 4 points to 8 points even though I only had an 82.7% over all this last attempt. Thank you for sharing you experiences and giving me some pointers.
  9. by   drea588
    There are different TEAS exams, although apparently some folks on here have happened to take the same exam the second time around.... hmm. Good luck!
  10. by   ArrowRN
    after wondering if i should spend $88 on the ati study guide and practice, today i jus said to heck with it and walked into the college and took the teas v without studing. i did purchase mcgraw hill 5 teas tests online digital download 2 days ago and its pretty much the same format but i did not complete any of the practice tests.

    well i got an 84% total adjusted score is that good? my first choice is to get into university of central florida, for my aa my cumulative gpa is 3.57, which i think is pretty low but not too bad for a family guy with a full time job. colleges here only allows retakes after 30 days, so i cant go back 5 days later like some people do.

    my break down was
    reading 88
    maths 83
    science 85
    english 76

    the english section was not hard, jus tricky things like grammer punctuation, use of commas, semi colons etc and fluency questions, use of possessives like its or it's...days or day's and some spelling questions.
    my advice is as soon as you finish the science prerequesites, just go take the test, everything will be fresh. the math was not hard its just a lot of long division, multiplication additions of improper fractions and basic algebra and no calculator allowed . the science had a lot of basic chemistry blance equations, electrons, valance shells and genetics, study of cells, atp mitochondria and cell structure and the human body, just stuff we took from biology classes. reading was like high school ged stuff nothing hard, just the usual trick questions to try to confuse you. the reading and math questions took me full time allotted and science i finish with 25minutes to spare and the english was 34questions in 34minutes so that was more a time test than anything else. you can go back to check your work and make changes only if you have not proceeding to another section of the test, once u move on you can't switch between sections if u got spare time.
    if you dont have the money for ati books and just want an idea of what the test is like just get the digital download of the mcgraw-hills 5 teas practice tests (ebook) books a million website has it for only $8.85 to download which open with adobe digital reader, amazon had a kindle version for $9.00
  11. by   mr. po po
    i didn't manage to do good the first try!! i literally felt so bad that i study and didn't do so well.. i had a hard time on the reading, english language usage, and science.. can someone offer some advices?
  12. by   adntobe
    I took the TEAS V yesterday and wanted to share some of my observances:
    1) My testing facility had a large computer lab (filled with people, with overflow going to another lab), and when we walked in we showed our ID and chose a chair. All books, water, phones, etc. were placed on a large table. Each station had one pencil and three pieces of blank paper. We started at the same time.
    2) We all had to log in according to what test we were there for. I would say there were 25% taking the TEAS for RN and 25% for LPN. The remaining 50% were taking the HOBET (Allied Med). One thing I noticed, they gave different log in codes for specific TEAS/HOBET tests..if you were taking the TEAS V for the first time you got one code, if it was your second time got a different code, etc. I'm sure this is to make sure you don't get the same test.
    3) The computerized test was in the same format as the practice tests you can buy on the ATI website. I found it helpful to already be familiar with the style of testing. When you buy the online practice tests you also know which subjects take the time allotted since there's a timer on the practice test, just like the real thing. Also, they allow you to take a break when you finish a session, just like the online practice. The timer starts when you select the "start section" button.
    4) The HOBET people seemed to leave more quickly than the TEAS people.
    5) Our scores were available on line about two hours after the test. Our Proctor said that everyone's time (in the 8 areas around the county that were giving the test starting at 9am) must expire before posting.
    6) The scores were broken down into the four sections, and they gave you a score for each one, ie. Science, Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar. They also gave you a composite score and where you stand in the national percentile for the test.
    7) I used the ATI study books, McGraw Hill study books, and the ATI online practice tests. I really thought the ATI online tests were worth buying, especially if you are nervous about taking the test. I also found Quizlet to be quite helpful (type in Teas V and loads of flashcards will pop up).
    8) I scored an 82 overall, and I will retake it soon because I know I can do better now that I really see how the test works. I ran out of time for math and didn't finish 6 of the questions. I had not paid attention to how long it took me to complete the math when practicing, so now I know. Algabraic equations, percentages, and figuring out how much something costs seemed to be a common theme. I found the practice tests were harder than the real test. Again, time was my enemy. I'm usually a pretty fast test taker, but not this time. English/reading was very similar to the books and practice tests, so if you got those down, you'll be fine. The science section was random, just as everyone says. I did notice a theme about bonds, reactions, acid/base, photosynethesis, derm layers (ectoderm, etc), organs/glads, and a question about the beakers and taking some ml into one test tube, then another, then another. The McGraw book went into a lot of Physics, so don't overstudy that section. You'll need to know about potential/kinetic energy, too. Not nearly as bad as I envisioned it to be, and I had enough time to finish that section.
    9) Bring earplugs if you are easily distracted. There was a lot of coughing, throat-clearing, and sneezing going on.

    I hope this helps some of you, especially those with test anxiety. I have been out of school for 30 years (chemistry, algebra too) and was very nervous. So many people had told me "Oh, you'll do fine" that I felt like I wanted to smack them since most had no earthly idea about how much time and effort it takes to do well on this test, especially since they revamped TEAS V. Then you have to worry about your score being high enough to get into your nursing program. Ugh! Good Luck to all. I'm sure you'll do fine.
  13. by   amac77
    i used to teach third grade and when i was preparing students for the TAKS i trained them to find the proof in the text. even with inferencing questions (there's a lot of those on the TEAS V) there will be evidence to support your answer. not all of the answers will be specifically given in the text but there's always clues. don't guess unless you're in a time crunch.
  14. by   msjoyce19
    @adntobe: where did you take the teas? and also did you remediate before you took your 2nd attempt?
    i am taking my test at the end of this month. this will be my 2nd try. i am becoming nervous now as the date is going near. thanks by the way for sharing this post.