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  1. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I cannot even begin to express my frustrations with CLCs and people's crazy amounts of plagerized posts. Also, how is it people still don't know how to so APA citations for their posts?! I called out a group member who gave me almost completely copy ...
  2. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Has the list been updated recently? Can I add some of my instructors to it? I can't believe how fast this program is going by. I am actually 1/2 way done, just started spirituality.
  3. Grand Canyon University RN-BSN

    any questions in particular?
  4. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    thanks! it really was all my input so I don't feel guilty at all about reusing it- but does that mean others could be reusing my CLC that i created? hmmm.
  5. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    not being able to switch makes no sense? I know the whole posting locks you in thing, but i was asking about switching one of my future courses. I sent off an email tonight so I guess tomorrow I will have an answer on that.
  6. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    derkfamily! thank you so much for all that info. I really need to think ahead with my classes and know whats going on with them since i have a lot of things coming up with work and in the home. I have to get a certification by mid/late april so study...
  7. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    i think I need to just speak with someone a little higher up? I spoke with my enrollment advisor and that was who they said they couldn't. I sent off a message to the student advisor and asked now instead. Can I be done already though? bah.
  8. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    So i'm trying to compile a list of the instructors so if anyone could send them my way that would be great. Also- WHY is it that my advisor told me I can't switch courses according to instructor names?! He said i need to email the instructor and ge...
  9. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    So i have a few names to add to the list of dos and donts if anyone is interested, also i'm looking for suggestions with my next two instructors- Health Assessment and Concepts in Community and Public Health. And anyone have an overview of what to...
  10. Grand Canyon University

    https://allnurses.com/online-nursing-schools/grand-canyon-university-933306-page4.html I also had similar questions and got some answers here and posted about my impression so far. I started in Nov and I like it so far. I had great luck with the advi...
  11. Grand Canyon University RN-BSN

    So for anyone who comes across here with questions- I ended up at GCU. I'm in my second course. Attending an online course is very different and you have to be self motivated because no one will contact you for anything except your CLC members. You h...
  12. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    SO here is an update for me. Started GCU Nov. 10th, A- in Professional Dynamics (kicking myself for not using the rubric for one assignment and only going off of the description- the points missed for a missing chunk in my paper made the difference b...
  13. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I'm hope I can get right back into the swing of things. I graduated this past May and its been nonstop since with NCLEX and working. I'm fresh off orientation on my unit and want to get right back into school. I've also taken a few distance learning ...
  14. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    This thread moves fast!! Thanks all of you for the suggestions, and no- not an athlete! The 'Get College Credit' was a suggestion by my advisor and you pick an exam and pay $80 + to take. Passing it can count for that last 3 credit hour filler course...
  15. RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    Prism- A welcome was actually very helpful! Thank you! Seriously AN was insanely helpful when starting my nursing program originally and then now has proved very helpful with figuring out where to go for RN-BSN. Where are you in the program? If you h...