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I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    here is the link for the Facebook group, just ask to join and I will let you in!
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    I think they base it first on your GPA then HESI scores: SO IF..

    3.5 GPA, 91 HESI VS. 3.5 GPA, 89 HESI (they clearly took KLP over me as an alternate)

    Seems to me like everyone with a 4.0 and a 3.75 and higher got in! I could be completely wrong, but I WILL TRY AGAIN FOR TCC. It's a numbers game. Congrats to all who got in this go around! I KNOW SOOOO MANY BRILLIANT/SMART nurses who are working now that DID NOT get in their first time. SO I AM trying to not allow myself to get too discouraged, although its a HUGE disappointed, and for those of you who DIDN'T in..understand that feeling.
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    That doesn't make sense Igon62..???!! Are you sure?? Why are they letting people with lower HESI scores in, if they have the same GPA? That doesn't make sense AT ALL!!! WHAAATT?? Are you absolutely certain on that?
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    Accidentally took A&P??? That is a pre-req. you are SUPPOSE TO TAKE! What do you mean tkb89? It doesn't make sense, it must be luck of the draw if what she says is true.

    I had a 3.5 GPA and 89 HESI (Higher than both, and I wasn't even asked as an alternate).
    I know one of the people KLP on thread was asked to be an alternate, OVER me and that DOES make sense considering he had an 91 on HESI, 2 points higher than me.
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    Quote from tkb89
    In the past, People have been able to just call in and get answers to their questions about why they weren't accepted. In some instances it was even a mistake and their denial was rescinded and they got in! So I would call with any questions.
    They wont accept calls with questions, only emails. And the responses are very vague and unhelpful.
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    Quote from TXranger_Chris
    here is the link for the Facebook group, just ask to join and I will let you in!
    I have more specific questions. I am concerned they made a mistake after what was said about others with lower scores getting in over someone else. Please add me to group.
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    Quote from lgon62
    I cannot believe that I got reject over a person that had a similar GPA 3.5 as me but LOWER HESI score. I scored 87, he scored 82...What's the deal??? I don't get it We both do not have a Bachelors degree.

    But I sincerely congratulate those that got accepted and waited! May God continue blessing you all!
    You should email the nursing dept. my friend has a 4.0 and a 85.5 hesi score and she did not get accepted or wait listed while another person with the same hesi score but lower gpa got accepted. So she emailed them and they replied saying a mistake was made and she is now accepted into the program. Mistakes do happen, so if you are wondering why you weren't accepted over someone with a lower hesi score, you should really ask the nursing dept questions.
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    Igon62 did that person actually get in, or get on alternate list?
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    I meant the A& P section on the HESI not the class.
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    The person actually got in...But I regret posting this comment since there are few asking about his name which I will not mention. I, as a Christian, should have faith in God and wait for his direction and NOT mine. We all need pray and thank God for our continue success. Pray for those that got accepted for strength during their journey and ours!
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