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I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    Lauren i also have a 3.5. What is your hesi score if you dont mind me asking?

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    Does anyone know if the program accepts recommendation letters, and if they do WHOM would you be addressing that letter to??

    I have tried calling the secretary to the dean several times, and never got a call back.

    I heard so far that most people are having trouble on the vocab. portion of the HESI, maybe because they thought that would be easy and didn't study it. I am focusing on my weakness, MATH and making sure to ACE that.

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    That makes me feel better. I have been trying to count on here how many people have 3.5 GPA's. I guess I am just making myself nervous. Seems pretty even across the board. I know they are only looking at 4 sciences to determine your GPA.

    3 A's and a B=3.8 (so I don't know where the 3.75 is coming from??) Maybe I am wrong...

    I know 2 A's and 2B's is 3.5.

    I haven't taken the Hesi yet KLP. I do on the 21st. I know to be competitive you have to make a 90 on it though.

    GOOD LUCK!!! Wish they did interviews to determine personality types before accepting. Just seems unfair to me.. Oh well. I am trying to be realistic with my expectations at this point, work hard, and hope for the best!!
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    Part of the HESI relates to personality types and learning styles, so they are not evaluating applicants blindly. Also, the personal interview process would be lengthy for 400 applicants.
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    Dear Lauren,

    Don't stress. It will all be ok and you are going to ace the HESI! From your nursing school 2013 bestie Montana. Positive thoughts!
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    Quote from mumbelbee108
    Dear Lauren,Don't stress. It will all be ok and you are going to ace the HESI! From your nursing school 2013 bestie Montana. Positive thoughts!
    What she said! You'll do great!
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    Hi Lauren! Math was also my weakness. So I studied the math section in the HESI study book and kind of skipped over all the rest. I ended up acing the math portion on the HESI, but I only made high B's on the other sections. I did look over the vocab list several times but the vocab section was more difficult than I had expected. Also, when I was talking to the advisor at TCC getting my application I asked her if I should get recommendation letters and she told me no they didn't look at them.
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    Also, I just checked Evolve to look at my HESI score. The class average was 86, but dropped down to 85. I am thinking this might change each time a new group takes the HESI? Maybe by the last testing date we will have an idea of how we all stand. *Fingers crossed*
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    Quote from Nyknick
    Has anyone already submitted their application? I saw someone posted earlier that we don't need a physical to apply but I just wanted confirmation if that is correct. Also, do we have any idea of how many applicants they're expecting and how many spots to fill?
    Hi everyone. I am from the fall thread and am in my first semester right now. You do NOT need a physical to apply. Turn in your immunizations with your app that you have completed and be sure you will get your last hep b shot before the semester starts. Also, if you haven't gotten your flu shot for this winter I would get that done and documented. You will turn in the health form regarding the physical after you are accepted or at orientation. Good luck to everyone applying! I know it is such a hard wait, but stay positive!
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    kate0226 congrats! What is the first semester schedule like if you don't mind me asking?

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