Tarrant County College Spring 2014

  1. I haven't found a thread for Spring 2014 TCC nursing applicants, so I thought I would start one! I still have 2 more classes to complete before I can officially apply. I have an A in A&P I, and hope to have an A in A&PII this semester. I scored 92.5 on my HESI, but I might re-take it.

    Who else is applying and what does everyone else have??
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  3. by   obxluvr
    Hi! I just need to finish A&P II (hopefully with an A!) Just trying to make it through the semester and get all my ducks in a row before application time! So excited!
  4. by   obxluvr
    I also have all A's in my science courses and a 94 HESI. I was thinking of taking it again, can't hurt right?
  5. by   LaurenMC1984
    This will be my second time applying to TCC's program. First time I applied I didn't get in, I was right on the cusp. I had a 3.5 GPA and an 89 HESI score. JPS students got picked before me with LOWER scores, so keep that in mind, if you work at either JPS or MCA you usually get a shoe in, even if you have lower grades (kinda not fair in my opinion.) I recommend at least a 3.75 and alt east a 90 on the HESI if you want to be competitive. GOOD LUCK everyone! We should have a pretty competitive group once again!
  6. by   Medic2RN
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  7. by   obxluvr
    What are JPS and MCA? Do you know how many applied last time?
  8. by   jmb0925
    Hi! I'm new to all these boards, so you'll have to forgive me...
    Does anyone know what the average acceptance rate is for TCC? I will be applying this Fall with A's in all 4 sciences & a 95 on my HESI. I would really like to know if they look at the grades earned in completed pre-reqs. It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't consider those grades. I am wondering about this because I have a previous Bachelor's degree & have all the pre-reqs, but they are not all A's (I have a mix of A's, B's & 2 C's in Engl & Hist & Govt). I will have to provide my complete transcripts, which is fine, but I'm debating if I should retake the classes I did not make A's in this Summer. I'm also taking my HESI again with the A&P & Chem sections so I can use my scores for other Nursing Schools in the area.
  9. by   obxluvr
    Welcome jmb! TCC only uses the four science pre reqs- micro, chem, A&P I, A&P II. From reading the threads for fall 2013, the cut off for those on the boards appeared to be 3.75 gap and 90 HESI. But I'm sure each applicant period is different. If there are other criteria they don't reveal it. Not sure on how many apply or get accepted. Sounds like you have an awesome chance!
  10. by   monica842
    Hey! I'm also new to this forum! I applied at the end of Feb. for the Fall 2013 with a 4.0 and a 95% on the HESI. I was hoping to receive an email today notifying me of my admission status. Does anyone know when they will start letting the applicants know?? The website states May 1st. I'm dying here...
  11. by   obxluvr
    I follow the Fall 2013 thread and it seems like they just got their acceptance email an hour or so ago. Did you get in? I feel their excitement and anticipation. I can't believe this will be us in December!
  12. by   monica842
    I did! I almost did a back flip.... haha
    Good luck to you in Dec.
  13. by   obxluvr
    Congrats Monica!
  14. by   monica842
    Quote from obxluvr
    Congrats Monica!