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Welcome! I thought it was time to start a new thread for TCC fall 2013 applicants and future hopefuls. I've followed the past 2 threads for TCC and there are at least a handful of us finishing up... Read More

  1. by   juliebusby
    Hi there! I am in foundations now and wanted to reply to the GPA questions. I got in with a 3.5 and 97 on my HESI and was not an alternate. I think obviously, the higher you score on your HESI the better. Our cut off for first round selection was 92 and then some alternates got in with a 91 or 90. Enjoy your time now before you start because first semester is crazy crazy stressful and busy!

  2. by   shixson
    I turned in my application with a 3.5 and 94 and was told I should be okay and hopefully not an alternate. Good luck to everyone!! Can't wait till May!!
  3. by   paulamk2
    Hi everyone! I'm new here as well. I attend South campus right now. I submitted my application last week. I have a 3.75GPA and a 93.5 HESI. Fingers crossed until May!!

    Good luck to everyone, hopefully will see some of yall next semester!
  4. by   ktm89
    How's everyone dealing with the wait? We're almost halfway through the waiting period! Hopefully they'll surprise us and we'll find out earlier than May
  5. by   loqical
    shixson, I have the exact same scores as you... Good luck!
  6. by   MissCOA
    It would be nice to find out early. Got my fingers crossed.
  7. by   kristajaye
    Waiting somewhat patiently. I signed up for a CPR class on NW campus the week after finals. I want to get it out of the way so I won't be in a rush at the end of the summer.
  8. by   PJE22

    Is that listed on the tcc website?
  9. by   kristajaye
    Quote from PJE22

    Is that listed on the tcc website?
    No, it is not listed on the website. I found out about it from flyers up on the bulletin boards. It is through Health Services on the NW campus. Only $15 for the 4 hour class and you get the book too. I am taking the last class of the semester on May 15th. They only do face to face registration for the class.
  10. by   ktm89
    Just make sure that the course is for healthcare providers! They offer different certifications but as a nursing student or hospital staff, it has to specifically be the health care providers certification.

    Good luck! Your arms get tired. And quickly!
  11. by   LTM90
    Hi Everyone (:
    I'm new to this thread and am also patiently awaiting a response for the Fall 2013 semester. I am really nervous and curious to see if my grades are competitive enough for this program. I have a 4.0 in my sciences and an 88 on my HESI. I definitely wish my HESI score was higher, because compared to some of the amazing grades I've seen on this thread my grade seems pretty sad. Anyways, I just wanted to join in and make a few friends while counting down the days until May. Good Luck to everyone!
  12. by   PJE22
    Welcome LTM90

    Have you looked at past threads to see if there were some with similar scores who were accepted. Just to get an idea, maybe?
  13. by   LTM90
    Thank you PJE22!
    Actually I have glanced through a few threads trying to compare but its difficult because those who have around the same HESI score as me seem to have a little lower gpa and I don't know which weighs more or if they have the same weight. I did notice one to two others who were comparable to mine (within a few points) and they were accepted but I know when it comes down to it it all depends on the grades of THIS applicant pool and may not have the same outcome as other semesters. I'm just hoping for the best.