Tarrant County College Fall 2012

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    So I think we are well into the application period so, surely it is time to start up this board. I can not wait until we hear back in May. Trying to keep very busy while waiting. Good luck to everyone applying!! Hopefully we can keep each other company here and celebrate our successes!!
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    Hi, I wont be applying until August. I was wondering if you would mind posting what your science GPA is and what you got on the TEAS?
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    My science GPA is a 4.0 and Hesi scores, they changed the test from the TEAS, are collectively a 94. I have heard they are so competitive so I am hopeful but still trying not to be too hopeful. Good luck to you!
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    I am getting very excited as well! I am taking my HESI on the 17th and turning in my packet after that. I am a bit nervous about the test! I have heard it is not too difficult, but it still makes it scary with the admissions being based 50% on that one score! Hopefully I don't freak out and mess up on it! It is exciting to have a fall 2012 board, I have been a lurker for awhile and am happy to have a place now!
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    Welcome kate0226!! I kept lurking too. I bet you'll do great on the HESI!! Good luck!!
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    @ Caitlyn, you had the exact same scores as I did and I got in just fine. Dont stress!! Also, if TCC does the same thing to y'all as they did to use then be prepared to spend a lot of money before you get your pale grant (for those that do). I think I spent close to $1000 not counting tuition before i was registered. We were not able to register until the week before classes start and there is a lot of stuff to do and buy. I just finished week three and absolutely LOVE the program. Have fun and good luck!!!
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    Thanks Student213!! It is very reassuring to hear that!! I am so excited!! I have been taking classes in order to time everything perfectly so I could start nursing school when my youngest started kinder. He starts this fall so, I really hope it happens! I'm glad to hear you are loving the program. The.new Camus is gorgeous. Seems like they put a lot in to it! It will be surreal when we get our letters. This has been a dream of mine for a while and my kids are finally old enough that I can go for it!
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    I timed it to start so that my middle child will start Kinder next year as well! I really wanted to start this Spring but it would have made me have to find help with my youngest and my 5 year old. This way it will be perfect!.....if I get in of course!! I am SO excited!! Hopefully we don't have to wait til May to find out - they sent out emails at the end of October with the Spring group letting them know...I hope it is the same with these apps!
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    Caitlyn thanks for the response. I'm sure you will get in. Good Luck! I'm almost feel kinda defeated already b/c I have a B in one of my sciences. I'm taking Chem and AP1 right now so really hoping and praying I can get an A. Then summer I will take AP2 and hopefully pull that off with an A as well. Fingers crossed!
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    Kate0226, when I turned in my applicantion the advisor told me that they are pretty much turning them around in a month. He was very professional and I was impressed with the campus, I don't think I'm allowed to share names on this site but, I believe there is only one person that handles the nursing students. We will see if it turns around that quickly but, since he said it would I am hopeful! I am curious to see how many days I will need after school care for my kids if I am accepted. I need to make some decisions there. If anyone from another spring could give me an idea on that I would really appreciate it!!

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