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I have two job opportunities/offers and I need some major advice. One is for St David's South Austin Medical Center in Austin and the other is for Scott and White Memorial in Temple. St David's has told me they start new RN grads... Read More

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    3 hours? I'm on day shift luckily and have done a few dry runs using toll ways and it only takes me like 25-30min on weekdays??? I have heard though if I was night shift traffic would def be horrible. but I'll make sure to keep an eye on traffic!!! I'm from Seattle, wa so I can't imagine my living in the city.

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    How do you like the job at St. Davids? I was offered the exact same new grad jobs but a few months later than you... I'm torn between the night shift at Scott and White oncology floor and Telemetry floor at St. Davids. S&W does pay more, but I would have a one-hour commute one-way for each shift. Not sure if the long drive is worth the extra pay, especially before/after a 12-hour night shift. I loved oncology in clinicals and would be honored to work with those type of patients.

    I'm only 25 min from St. Davids South Austin. Absolutely loved the staff at St. David's that interviewed me. Seems like a great place to work.
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    Any difference of starting pay for new grads in Houston or Dallas?
    Is it cheaper to live in Houston or Dallas??
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    i will start at an hca facility in houston in progressive care and its $24/hr days and will be able to pick up extra shifts after orientation.
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    Quote from blueorchid981
    Any difference of starting pay for new grads in Houston or Dallas?
    Is it cheaper to live in Houston or Dallas??
    Medical center Houston new grads get more than that in internship programs....Dallas is definitely more expensive than Houston.
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    Wow I'm very surprised at the hr wage for RNs in Texas. Back in 2008 I investigated new LVN and RN hr wage and was told by a nurse recruiter at a local hospital in the Bryan/College Station area RNs are paid $25 an hr and that was in 2008 I'm not sure what the the new pay is now in 2013 but I know that it's has increased at least for that hospital.
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    I'm an LVN in Austin making 25$/hr. why are they paying RNs 22$/hr at st. David's??
    My coworkers @ seton are getting 25-27$/hr as RNs.
    Once I'm done with my RN degree I refuse to have lower pay!
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