St. Phillips College - San Antonio

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    Hello! :wink2:

    My husband and I applied for the LVN program at St. Phillips College for Fall 2009.

    Has anyone attended this school?

    How are the instructors and the curriculum?

    Any others applied here for the same semester?

    Any advice?!

    Thank you!

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    I am thinking about going to St Phillip's in the Spring, but I am not sure.
    If someone that know could please tell me if it is hard to get into there LVN program?
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    It's me! I posted this thread... I just found out last week I got accepted into St. Philips Vocational Nursing Program! Yay for me!

    It isn't all that hard to get into.

    You have to get all your vaccinations, take the "entrance exam" AKA the accuplacer (some people have a tough time with that.. all I can say is to do some of the practice exams online), and then fill out some application paper work, and write a short essay.

    I've been going to Northwest Vista College half time for about a year, just doing basic classes. Although there are no prereq.s for this program. I believe the minimum GPA is like a 2.0 or 2.5, I had a 3.95 at NVC, so I would say if you have good grades, take the accuplacer, get your vaccinations, and do the paper work you should have no trouble getting in.

    Check out their website... and then go to the Vocational Nursing page to look up more info.

    I encourage everyone who is passionate about nursing and the healthcare field to apply!

    I'll keep you all informed on how it goes! Wish me luck!
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    I have been trying to find a LVN program or RN program without too much of a competition, and one that does not cost a lot.
    BTW- You can go on if you do not get an answer to your question about the instructors.
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    Thank you!

    I would def. suggest meeting with and applying for the VN program at St. Philips, it's not near as competitive as other schools. Start the process early because it is rather long.

    If you need financial assistance for books, uniform, tuition, check out Project Quest. There website is:
    They give you money for school, but it is a lengthy process about 3-8 weeks of about one meeting every week or so.

    I met all the teachers today in the required nursing orientation. They all seemed really nice and I am really looking forward to starting on Monday!
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    I heard that st phillips was not accredited by the nlnac, so I checked at thier website and only san antonio college is listed as accredited. This will be important to you if you plan on earning your bsn at a later point in time. here is the link if you wish to double check
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    Thank You, I am glad you gave me this information.
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    It is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. You may continue to get your RN after you finish this program for the BSN. This is a certificate program, like all LVN programs. You can continue to go on for your RN if you choose which would be an associates degree. From there you may get your bachelors. No problem.

    Also for Quest USA aka Project Quest. In order for you to qualify for them one thing they make you agree upon is working full time for 12 to 18 months.
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    just so you have all the information, being approved by the texas board of nursing is not the same as being approved by the nlnac. what if that person moves out of the state? I have spoke to many people in my search for the right schools, pros and cons of galen and st phillips, and I know I would want to know any and all of information when making an inportant decision. yes it is fast to get into those schools, but with galen your paying 17000 to be an lvn and 20000 to continue on to rn this is 37000 as opposed to going to san antonio college and paying between 6 and 9 thousand dollars. i also looked into the baptist health system school of nursing and another thing I have found out about is tuition reimbursement. my friend is a nurse and the hospital she works for paid her tuition back for her and all she had to do it commit to work for them for x number of years. i am still trying to figure out which route to go, but i do know that I do not want to owe 37000 in student loans for a school that is not accredited by either the nlnac or cnne.
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    I am an LVN with numerous prereq's. My tuition came out to $5000 for the nursing courses. I was also told that I could comlete the program in less than a year. I understand your concern about the price. But, you could take prereq's at the community college and take the nursing classes at the private college. I don't mind paying a little more to start soon but I would like to have a quality education. I met an instructor at Galen and she was very nice and spoke highly of her students. I also read some negative comments about the school. I read many negative comments about nursing schools. My LVN program wasn't the greatest but I made it. The bottom line is that you may end up having to teach yourself. All nurses don't know how to teach. They may be knowledgeable but may not be able to break down the material. I hope I was helpful. Good luck to everyone!

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