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Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

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    I know, and I am scared I won't get too much sleep tonight. Does anyone else have that theory? Oh, and if you can get them to tell you by going over there in person-----please do tell me because my house isn't but on the other side and I would have no problem with heading over there today. LOL!

    It's crazy knowing that we could know tomorrow or friday. I know its going to be hard to sleep. Has anyone else had trouble sleeping the past few nights? Got a few remedies? I have been sick so Dayquil, a Z-pack, and Benzonatate (100 mg..1 pill) has been running through my system in order for me to feel good and get better.

    Anyone have any ideas...cuz other than that if I cant sleep and i might end up with an allnighter tonight.
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    Go get some celestial sleep tea or take melatonin. Luckily my husband has ambien so I've taken that the past few nights.And for all of you fast fliers don't get us all kicked out before we get in lol. I'm sure they won't tell us even in person Bc we'd all be there. Lol. Security please . The half crazed prenursing students have taken over our computers. I can see it now.Lol by the way my theory of early mailing was off my mail box was empty.Did I mention I have class tomorrow and am tempted not to go just so I can check my mail. Crazy ....
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    I feel like a pregnant mom whos just started pushing..... Come on already!! Wow.
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    Yeah I get my mail at about 10:30 and there was nothing there. We'll know for sure tomorrow by 10:30 or 11 because thats when I get the mail But It's good to know they were already sent. And thanks I may get some...I think I might have some in the cabinet. Thanks! I had nearly forgotten
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    I wish they could at least give us a tracking number so we could follow it on its way to us and know for sure when it's been delivered! We can dream right ((:
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    This is for anyone who doesn't get in this semester. This video is a little slow at first, but tells a nursing student's story, and how he never quit.Don't give up! I won't. Day 15 - Failing Nursing School - YouTube
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    Hi Ladies! I am SO glad to see that I am not the only one ready to pull my hair out waiting for this letter! I am so nervous. I do not live far from downtown so I am hoping to have it by tomorrow or Friday. I submitted my app with 26 points. I am not so much worried about the points, I am worried that by some crazy chance I made a mistake on my app (happened to me last semester). I practically memorized those requirements in the packet though so hopefully all is well.

    Anyways- I will come back and let you know when I get my letter! Good luck to you all
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    I am in the same boat! I applied last semester and my MD copied my shot records from childhood, but I failed to turn in the originals, so was denied.... I went over the packet a thousand times before finally sealing it and sending, but that is my GREATEST fear!

    Hopefully tomorrow we will all be jumping for joy! Good luck all!
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    Original shot records were required??????? Did I miss something ?
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    Waiting for the postman to bring me the letter
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    Quote from MorganB
    Original shot records were required??????? Did I miss something ?
    I think if your doc gives the injection and he/she signs off on it in the space provided in the healthcare packet, then you are fine. I submitted copies of that last semester and they did not knock me for it. They disqualified me because the doc signed off on my varicella disease history without a titer though. I've had the same doc since I was a wee babe - it is convenient! But I have the titer this year...

    I feel the same as Kristysoley - so afraid there is something wrong with my info. (sigh)...tomorrow....
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    You only needed a copy not the originals except for the physical exam. I called and told the advisor I lived around 8 hrs away & she said I should still get the letter by Friday. Can't wait!!!! May the odds be ever in our favor! :]
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    Quote from MorganB
    Original shot records were required??????? Did I miss something ?
    My MD wrote in the dates for my MMR, etc. but did not sign since he didn't give me the injection. I failed to include the copy of my immunizations from my childhood and since there was not a signature for the injection, I was denied

    I should have clarified instead of saying "original" I know we are all on pins and needles right now!!!

    Hope everyone has a good time trick-or-treating and is able to relax for just a bit! I am hoping to have a letter tomorrow! Will be stalking the thread to see if anyone receives them, if so, I may have to cut out early!