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Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished business. I'm super excited about... Read More

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    Seems very competitive at Methodist. While there today I learned that one of the volunteers who the director loved didn't get in the first time, applied again and still didn't get in. Yikes. Also seems like ALL support courses must be done before applying. I was hoping to take speech and micro during the summer before beginning the nursing program. Now I've gotta fit all that in.

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    Maunakea- Maybe we'll run into each other. I'll only be one semester behind you if you start in the Spring =)
    They set me up as an ambassador on Thursdays, too, just fyi.
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    Hi RNNelson79,

    I am glad you got your assignment location. I hope to run into you when we are both at Methodist. I am doing my volunteer days on Wednesdays for the next 3 months. I normally do Thursdays. I think you will really like volunteering at Methodist. Everyone is super friendly and nice. Have a great day!
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    Hello everyone, I too have been following this forum for a while.

    I applied in july for spring 2013 with 25 points.

    Do you guys think this is a fairly competitive score? I had 17 under the old system.
    I think I am honestly getting a little anxiety over this. I keep thinking I forgot to sign the form on my application to turn in. I remember filling out the form, I just cant remember signing it. -_- It could honestly be me blowing up something I shouldn't be.

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    I think 25 makes for a strong application. Is anyone enrolled in HPRS 2 at el centro I lucked out and got in today I'm pretty darn excited. I need to take cpr this week and I'm done, I decided not to retake hesi my application will just have to do the way that it stands.
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    Question about the physical.... Did you get an eye exam also or did they just leave that part blank ?
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    Hi Yankees77,

    I got an eye exam from the MA at my doctor's office when I went for my physical.
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    Thanks Maunakea !! Just getting the packet together is stressful, but also exciting. 😃
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    Yank I had it done too by the doc. I just got my 5 year science course waiver granted today so I'm super excited. But I think they lost my transcripts to do my education plan. sucks. I think they'll get it straightened out this week prayerfully. Glad to hear everyones getting all their ducks in a row :-)
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    Thanks Morgan !! I called the Dr & they let me come back as take the standard test. As Iong as your transcript is on file & dcccd has already given you credit, you shouldn't need the Ed plan.

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