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Hello, I wanted to start this thread for all the 2013 hopefuls.I believe the internships closed yesterday so now we play the waiting game.;)I applied to the ER and ICU.Good luck everyone.... Read More

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    I applid last Mar. 23rd i havent heard anything yet im still praying!

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    Any news or updates? I applied when it first opened (March 1) and 2 of the positions still have in route
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    Nope My status is still the same.
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    Mines, to. Hopefully we hear something soon. I have applied all over Texas. I never saw am opening for their L&D position. Did you?
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    Did other ICU applicants receive a questionnaire to complete?
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    I got a call today and said theyll email me for interview on April 16!!
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    Contrats ailes08!
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    That's excellent ailes08! Which department did you apply for?
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    And also, just wondering for any out of state applicants what you're doing about the TX license? I don't graduate until May and am in a compact state. In your opinion, would it be best to wait and see if I get this internship and apply to license in TX or just apply in my state and have it completed so the process is going?
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    congratulations for what unit?

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