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Just decided to start this forum for the Spring 2013 ADN program at San Jacinto College. I can answer some questions regarding the application process. I got accepted for the 2012 Fall program but I... Read More

  1. by   StudentOfHealing

    UTMB will accept you as a transfer student or accept you to bridge after you graduate the ADN program?

    @ previous poster
    The SJCC nursing program is honestly a good program. You will be prepared well. You can always bridge afterwards and if you are lucky a hospital may even pay you! I know for a fact that St. Josephs WILL pay you to get your BSN upon signing an employment contract. You DO need to take the HESI ... of course there is an entrance exam(:
  2. by   Emmasmom03
    After you have completed with a 3.0. All online too.
  3. by   montov
    Has anyone applied for Fall 2013. Waiting anxiously to hear back