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I just applied for the spring 2013 semester. Can anyone shed some light as to what kind of GPA I should be carrying... Right now I have a 3.0 with all of my pre reqs completed... If you don't mind me asking what was your current... Read More

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    Read the nursing handbook, it shows the specific scrubs, badge, shoes and lab coat we need. But I am sure we need a few other things like stethoscope and blood pressure cuff

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    So i just got an email december 7th saying i was accepted to start flex II in spring 2013. Why did i recieve this notice so late? I feel like i dont have enough time to do everything! :/
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    Just start the process now. You can get it done, one step at a time
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    K so I did my drug test and got a record of my immunizations. Tomorrow morning I go for my background check. Im not sure if i have all my shots. I have a record that says i have the 3 Hep B shots and the new record only shows 1. Im confused????
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    I start the flex II this March as well. All i have left is to get my flu shot and cpr. I spoke with Brenda this week about the BON blue card she said that as long as we have proof that we went and got it done , then we're okay. She said that they are backed up.
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    New student orientation is in one week! Does anyone have any info about the hospital orientation exam?
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    I have a question for those currently in the Lvn to RN program at sac. How is the pharmacology? It's been a while since I took the class. Do they test over it again?
    At acc they mandate taking pharm as a prereq for the bridge program


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