Questions about Seton Versant RN Residency in Austin - page 43

I have just been accepted into the Seton RN residency and can answer any questions you may have. I will also be creating a post throughout my experience in the residency. Ask away!... Read More

  1. by   ctabs14
    I'd definitely go with professional!
  2. by   MAgradnurse
    Has anyone else gotten a call for interviews?
  3. by   annbananz
    Thanks for your advice moll and ctBSN14! I will definitely go professional.
  4. by   annbananz
    So I've heard from other new RNs who have been through Seton's RN residency program that the bigger hospitals are usually the last ones to hear from (regarding interviews). I'm not sure how true that is...but maybe that can ease some of our nerves
  5. by   MAgradnurse
    I emailed the recruiter and she told me interviews will be conducted from March 31st to May 30th.
  6. by   annbananz
    MAgradnurse, which hospital is the nursing recruiter out of?
  7. by   MAgradnurse
    It was the human resources recruiter who emailed me part 2 of the application so I believe for all of the residency positions
  8. by   texasRN_14
    congrats annbanaz! Just curious though, what else would you wear to an interview other than professional attire? Scrubs? You and my friend are the only ones I know of who got a call back/interview. I applied to mostly the bigger hospitals so it may be a while if/when I hear anything.

    I thought once this part II business was out, I could relax.. Not so much. Now I'm just checking my phone and application status constantly :-p
  9. by   annbananz
    Thanks for the reply MAgradnurse!
  10. by   ctabs14
    @annbananz, did your application status change from "under review" to something else? Just wondering!
  11. by   annbananz
    Thank you texaslvn12! I've had some friends interview for positions at another hospital system in Austin and they stated that some hiring managers don't like the business suit/professional wear, they rather see scrubs. Along with applying to Williamson, I also applied to the bigger hospitals and Hays and only got a response from Williamson.
  12. by   annbananz
    crBSN14, I completed part II the morning of the 21st and my applications for UMCB turned to under review later that day and the rest of my apps turned to under review the next day. My Williamson app still says under review.
  13. by   ctabs14
    annbananz, thank you so much!