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I have just been accepted into the Seton RN residency and can answer any questions you may have. I will also be creating a post throughout my experience in the residency. Ask away!... Read More

  1. by   patientcenteredcare
    Thanks for the update. Do you know what dept/hospitals have made offers by chance?
  2. by   shototsu
    I don't have a rundown of the entire system, but I know that classmates have had offers from Brack 8, Brack IMC, SMC 6, Williamson 5, and Dell ICU. I know of one classmate who interviewed at Brack ICU last week and expects they will make a decision this week. Hope that helps!
  3. by   patientcenteredcare
  4. by   mpihl
    There's not going to be an October cohort they merged it with June.
  5. by   shototsu
    As of today I have either had offers or was declined for every position I interviewed for. I received paperwork on the offer I accepted yesterday. I hope you guys have heard back, as well!
  6. by   Shiner50
    Yep, no October cohort... It's going to get harder and harder to find a nursing job in Austin!
  7. by   Stephers85
    Just wanted to thank you Purduegrad, Shiner50, and Jarreux for all of your tips. Wanted to keep quiet til it was all official, but I went to the Open House and sort of interviewed on the spot for Dell PICU, had a follow up interview the Monday after the Open House and was sitting on a verbal offer until about 2 weeks ago. I'm all settled in Austin now and just finished my HR health screen, etc this week. So far everything has been a great experience. Hope you are all having a great experience still with each of your departments. Thanks again for all your tips, I greatly appreciate it!

    Kind Regards,
  8. by   miami1981
    Wow. Seems like forever since I first started this post. Hope all the info has been helpful. Wishing the best to you all.
  9. by   Swimwelltx
    Ok! Who's ready for the February 2014 cohort process to begin!? I have done everything I can possibly imagine to set myself up for success here but I'm such a worrier.. Sometimes this site freaks me out more than helps.
    Anyway! Thanks Miami1981 for starting the post! Who else is applying and what are your top 3 choices??
  10. by   jerseygirl1248
    Hi Everyone!

    I am trying to start this application for the February 2014 cohort, first of all the date for when the application is opening keeps changing! It says that it is supposed to open today and to click ready to apply and then the introduction tab to create your username and password, but when I do that, it still keeps saying the same message that the application will open today but has no place to create the username and password! Anyone know what's going on or how to get this started?? Please let me know!!
  11. by   chyna016
    It is open now, you might have just been a little to early. I would try a different browser if you still can not get into the application.
  12. by   RJ1087
    has anyone submitted their application yet?
  13. by   jerseygirl1248
    I submitted my application the day after it opened and have received an email today that says that Part I of the application is complete and has been submitted to the Human Resources Office of Nurse Recruiters and I should be contacted by them in the next 7-10 business days to let me know what to do to begin Part II of the application process. Where is everyone else in the process??