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Hi all. I'm an alternate-entry MSN student at UT-Austin in the FPMHNP track, about to start last semester before NCLEX in August. I'm in kind of a complicated predicament, so I was wondering if... Read More

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    If you want a night lift, live in austin or san marcos. San Antonio is more of a "family town" not to mention, if you live on the wrong side of town, it is NOT safe. Sorry i don't know specifically what parts of town are the "bad parts." Look for my pm.

    edited to add...

    i don't really know anyone that works at baptist north central, but with my EMS company, we deliver patients to their ED EVERY DAY! The nurses are all very nice and I haven't met any horrible doctors there yet. They ED is very clean, modern and has all of the most modern equipment that i've experienced at any other hospital.

    Looks like a great building.
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