pre-nursing club at Austin Community College

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    So at ACC there are so many pre-nursing students, all taking similar classes, but we never get to meet up in person. I thought it would be really nice for us to have a group of our own, while we spend a year or two taking prereqs so we can share our collective experiences and help one another. Many people in my classes have expressed interest, but I am still looking for a treasurer and a secretary. The duties and time commitment will be minimal, I promise to do %80 of the work myself, I just can't start a club alone! You can showcase your leadership abilities while sprucing up your resume and networking. Allnurses is so beneficial, wouldn't it be nice to have lunch or happy hour with the same people in the Austin area? Anyone who is interested, let me know!

    Hope to see you all soon!
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    Hello HorseHey!! ,

    I am not in the Austin area.. but I think that you have a wonderful idea. Pre Nursing is the formative years so to speak... wish we were able to incorporate a RN/NP Big Brothers and Sisters into the club to act as mentors.
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    I'm wondering if there is a way for me to start a non school specific club for ppl in the area, since we have many future nurses here going to many schools. If I come up with a plan Tex42cares, i'll send it to you! Maybe blog open to comments?
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    Clarification btw- when I said "I can't start a club alone", I meant, according to the rule book at ACC regarding new clubs. Each new club has to have a pres, secretary and tresurer. You just have to be there for the first meeting and I'll take it from there.
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    I totally agree!!! I know time spent away from school is valuable for everyone.. with that said , you never know who you might meet or network with that one day will be the difference of success and failure in your future endeavors.
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    How is the club assocation hunt coming? I would be interested...
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    Hi there! I think this is a great idea and I would love to help. Let me know if you're still working on this.
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    Hi all. I have been lurking for a few months now on the forums and just saw this thread & had to make an account. I think you have a great idea. I would also love to help!
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    Update! Sorry I've been Mia, school has kept me pretty busy. I"'m conjuring up some information organized in a helpful way, on one page. I promise to be more specific and provide a link soon, especially after checking all nurses link posting policies! I'll be in touch in a week, it's finals time!
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    Hey!! I too am pre-nursing at ACC. I am also the President of the "All Thing Biology" Club at ACC. We have a few other pre-nursing students in this club. If anyone wants to join please send me an email.
    Also, if you do start a nursing club I would be happy to join!

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