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    Just curious if someone knows more details than me. I found the SICU residency is finally listed but no other specialty residency. There are a generic Nurse residency and it asks you to list by Floor where your preference to work is?

    Anyone know the floors? I am interested in PACU, MICU, ER.

    Thank you to anyone who can help.

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    Hi. I work at Parkland and teach a class in the critical care residency course there. I know there are the following critical care specialties: ER (located on ground floor) SICU, MICU, and Burn ICU. I am not really sure all the floors, but those are the specific critical care residencies they have at Parkland for nurses. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you. I applied to the SICU residency but no others are posted at this moment. I wish there was a recruiter to send requests to. I only found Laura Leucke who teaches the internship which requires a BSN. I hope to get a call on this one but would love to apply to ER and PACU.

    Thanks again.
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    send me a private message with your email and I'll try to see if someone can contact you.
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    Done, thank you.
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    Was curious if you have heard from Parkland yet? I submitted all my app information to them about two weeks ago for ER as well as SICU and CPICU, but no call yet. I called the recruiter and they said that they would start interviews up again at the first part of April? I hope I get a call. I have an interview for ER at another trauma hospital here in Dallas next week, but Parkland is by far my first choice.
    Also, does anyone know what the shift diff is at Parkland? Thanks!!!
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    Quote from dallasmurse78
    also, does anyone know what the shift diff is at parkland? thanks!!!

    evening shift diff (3pm to 11pm) $2.75/hr
    night shift diff (11p to 7a) $3.50/hr
    weekend shift diff (3pm fri to 7a mon) $6.00/hr
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    Have not heard from them either. They are a first choice of mine as well. Just keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Same here! I'm getting super impatient...keep us updated! They're my first choice and I'm curious about when they're going to start calling people!
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    Ummmm yeah it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's in panic mode. I too applied a few weeks ago and then I had to re-submit my work applications because the system was unable to properly save my work right now everything just says applied Methodist pretty much shot down 3/5 of my applications and I have 15+ floating around the metroplex and I'm praying that it works out.

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