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Hey Guys, Found out today that starting on Sept 1, 2008 there will be an exam that everyone has to take before receiving their liscense. This exam is over nursing ethics. I received this info... Read More

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    Hello all! I recently graduated in PA and am moving to Houston suburbs where I found a job. Last week I purchased the study guide for the jurisprudence test from the Texas BON. I went through it one day and took the test the next day and passed with no problems. Personally, I didn't think the study guide was much did however show how to find laws etc on the BON website. The test wasn't too hard and didn't take up too much time. Just use common sense and take your time.
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    The Jurisprudence exam took me less than twenty minutes to complete. It really is simple, common sense. No need to stress over it.
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    Hello All...I just graduated last week! YAY me...and I took the Jursiprudence Exam like 3 weeks ago. VERY EASY. If you paid an ounce of attention during your Nursing Trends course...or whatever it's called at your school, you should do fine. It is open note, book, and internet! (hehe) You have about 2 hours to take it and there are about 60ish questions. Whenever I had a question about something I wasn't sure of, I just searched it on the BON website(and that's perfectly okay to do). According to our professors, they want to make sure that we understand the rules to the career for which we have decided to embark upon! You can take it before you graduate, after/before the NCLEX, whichever you like! Good luck!