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    To all new grads that got hired in the last couple of years at a San Antonio hospital what was your starting pay? Does anybody know the starting pay for a BSN new grad at San Antonio hospitals? Do they get paid more than an ADN new grad? I'm going to get a call from HR with the offer this week for Methodist hospital.

    I just want to know if BSN's get paid more and the pay range for new grads in San Antonio so I know if I'm getting low balled.

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    Generally speaking starting pay is going to be around 22/hr plus differential (here in Austin) for both bsn and adn since you both have the exact same job description. You should however get paid more if you have previous clinical experience. The real advantage of a bsn won't be until you move on with school or up into management. How much was the offer for which unit?
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    The offer wasn't made yet. I didn't ask the hiring manager about the pay. He just said he told the HR recruiter that they will take me and I should get a call this week with the offer. This is for a Med Surg position.
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    Are you a BSN grad? I am curious and want to stay informed about hiring practices, particularly hospitals that continue to hire ADN new grads.
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    Yes I'm a BSN. A lot of hospitals are going the BSN only route now. Methodist the hospital I applied for is going for magnet and they require new hires who don't have a BSN to be enrolled in one when they get hired. University hospital is the same.
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    I just recently started working for the state here in San Antonio. Not my ideal job, but my pay ends up being a HAIR under $25.00 an hour. (It's psych nursing, not everyone's cup of tea, but it's a DARNED good job with killer benefits.) They pay the same whether you have an ASN or a BSN, the money comes with experience and longevity here. GOOD LUCK!
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    Praise the Lord!!! HR finally gave me the offer. I thought they decided to hire someone else lol. Btw my new grad pay is $22.00/hr. I asked if BSNs get paid more and she said they get paid the same as ADNs. I will be moving from the San Francisco bay area to San Antonio in two weeks. It seriously super sucks and is depressing to be a new grad in California.

    God bless the state of Texas!!!
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    I agree!!! I too am from California have not been able to find a job for 6 months now. But just recently have been getting calls for Texas hospitals I've applied to. How was the phone interview process???? How long does it take to endorse your Cali license to Texas?
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    The phone interview is not that bad. It is easier because you can have your interview book open right in front of you to help you answer questions lol. But I was at work when I had my phone interview so I couldn't use any notes. My questions were all behavioral and personality questions. Another hospital I applied to wanted to do a skype interview. But they never followed through with it.

    Endorsing a California license takes quite a bit of time. The reason it takes long is because California isn't part of the nursys database where other states can verify your license electronically. You have to do it through paper through the California BRN. And it takes Texas BON 10 business days to process anything upon receipt. The good thing is you can get a temp license for 90 days while completing the endorsement. I got my temp license first. Then I took the jurisprudence last to complete the endorsement.
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    how's working in Texas compared in CA? Like nurse patient ration? work load? Thx

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