NCTC Spring 2013 LVN program

  1. [color=#a52a2a]i would like to get in the jan 2013 program online and i wanted to know if anyone is enrolled now or who already has been in the program. what is to be excepted to be accepted in the program? thanks!
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  3. by   tiredstudentmom
    Hi, berrynurse9, I am also looking into this very program... Looking forward to getting some information!
  4. by   berrynurse9
    [FONT=century gothic]Hello tiredstudentmom, it is so hard to get a response on this website. At least for me it is. Have you put in your application for the program yet? I have but I have to schedule to take my TEAS test soon! Let me know if you need some more info on the program. You can email me at and I will stay in touch with you. Do you live in the Denton, TX area. Talk later!
  5. by   tiredstudentmom
    I haven't applied yet... But I have paperwork ready! I live in Ft Worth, but at only 2 travel days per wk, I think I can handle a long commute!
  6. by   berrynurse9
    So are you doing the online program in Jan 2013? I am. You need to go on NCTC website and go on LVN program they are doing the online advisement up till June 29 and it will tell you everything you will need to get accepted in to the program. The online is better for me I have a 18 mon old so that will help me and the clinicals will be on the weekends. And you have to take the TEAS test before July 10.
  7. by   ccervera25
    I also would like to get into the program, but stressing over the TEAS exam!! I've applied for the program, just need to schedule to take the exam!
  8. by   berrynurse9
    I am scheduled to take my teas test on june 21. I am studying alot. What school are you going to ?be it costs $110.
  9. by   ccervera25
    I've been taking classes at NCTC in corinth since 2010...wanted to do the ADN program...but they just changed everything up!!!! So now I'm going to have to take e ven more classes!! I applied for the Lvn program about a year ago and took the Hesi. But didn't score high enough. I had a 86 and they said it needed to atleast be a 92! I've heard the TEAS is alot harder though! Kind of scares me! I got a book that has 5 TEAS exams in it and I do a little every night. What book r u studying??
  10. by   texans
    According to what I read in the advisement session this time, there is not a pass/fail score....just the top 25 scores. I have taken the TEAS V test this week and made 85.7. The transcript I got back said the national average was 65% and the program average was 70%. The ATI book and the McGraw Hill book (the one with the 5 tests in it) did help a lot. The test format was very easy and I was emailed my results the next day after I took it. I was told that ATI sent the results to the school electronically the same time they sent it to me.
  11. by   berrynurse9
    The books that I have been stung so far are nursing school entrance exam flashcards by REA, the princeton review,and Kaplan. I have learned alot and I plan on studying up until the day of the test. Do you plan on doing the online course this spring?
  12. by   texans
    Was your 92 with the Hesi for the traditional program or for the online program?
  13. by   ccervera25
    Wow! 85.7...that's really good!! And the 92 was for the traditional program. But it was also for NCTC in corinth. The lady from Gainesville told me that Gainesvilles program wa easier to get into. However I heard that the online program was the hardest. Cause so many people work! I'm going to apply for both the online and traditional. Hopefully I get into one!
  14. by   ccervera25
    So do you suggest getting the ATI book to study? And Did the exam tell you how many questions you missed?