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    I thought it would be a good ideal to start the thread to share the best material to study for the TEAS V, the admission process and acceptance and wait listed for the progam in this thread .

    For those of you who haven't heard about the program, the program is 12 months in duration. You attend VN theory courses online and your clinicals are every weekend (Sat & Sun) in Gainesville, TX for the entire year. You will conduct your clinical rotations in nursing home for 1st semester, hospital for 2nd semester (summer), and another nursing home for the 3rd semester.

    In the first semester, you will have Skills Lab on weekends at the Gainesville campus from 7a - 5p on Sat/Sun for the first 4-6 weeks, then you will start cllinicals that are 12 hour shifts (could began as early as 5:30a and could end as late as 9:00p) but remember you only work 12 hour shifts.

    The school only has open enrollment once per year during May - July. They make the selections and send out letters in August of that year for the next January start which is always the next year. The school will not release anymore information about the January 2014 start until May 2013. Advisement is done online as well; you do not have to attend an advisement session in person.

    For those of us who cannot afford to stop working or cannot afford to only work 16 hours per week, this is a great way to become LVNs then go through a LVN-RN bridge program.

    Breakdown of Courses

    1st Semester
    Anatomy & Physiology for Allied Health
    Essentials of Medication Administration - math course teaching nursing drug calculations and other basic information regarding drug administration
    Basic Nursing Skills/Clinical I (Skills Lab) - designed to teach the skills expected of a nurse to perform
    Clinical I Course in conjunction with Skills Lab - includes Sat/Sun prior to attendance at the clinical facilities of nursing home
    Nursing in Health & Illness I - course builds on your understanding of A&P by discussing Pathophysiology of the body systems and how nurse implements the medical therapies to assist the patient to return to his/her highest level of functioning as possible

    2nd Semester
    Nursing in Health & Illness II - continues from 1st semester
    Pharmacology - course to enhance the nurse's understanding of drug therapy
    Clinical II - allows the VN student to practice in more acute care settings

    3rd Semester
    Maternal-Neonatal Nursing - prepares the VN student to care for patients and families during the child-bearing process
    Pediatrics - course to teach the student about diseases and disorders specific to children
    Professional Development - 1st class developed for online presentation and all students must take this course online; Designed to assist the VN student to make the transition from student to license nursing in workforce
    Nursing in Health & Illness III - continues from 2nd semester
    Clinical III - variety of healthcare settings

    For more course curriculum and description information, please go to the link below:

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    Thank you for the breakdown, I was not aware this program was so flexible!
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    Quote from TaraAnn91
    Thank you for the breakdown, I was not aware this program was so flexible!
    U r welcome!!! Hope we can share more info about the program on this thread!!!

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    Is the online program difficult to get into? Would you reccomend applying to online & traditional?
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    I am not sure which program is easier but if you MUST work like most of us out don't work on the weekends. The online program would be convenient but I heard it is difficult just like the traditional program.

    You may want to read earlier posts about NCTC LVN online/traditional program feedback for additional information. I am still trying to get into the program but only interested in the online program.

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    This program is shady for a number of reasons. First of all the instructor specifically tells the students not to post on here or they will be dismissed. Why would she even be worried about that if she wasn't doing anything wrong? My grades were definitely rigged. Certain assignments that I would submit online never showed up and therefore I got zeros for. The instructors were rude and definitely showed favoritism to the girls in the class who were overweight like them. Thirty seconds late is considered tardy. The teacher couldn't even figure out how to do the math problems and would expect us to teach it to ourselves. If they don't like you or don't feel you are a "fit" for their program then they will make sure they tell you that AFTER the refund dates have passed for tuition. How interesting.
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    Wow! Thanks for the insight!!! We have heard nothing but positive things from this program, glad to get another opinion. Wow! Thanks so much!

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    I would love to chat about your experience at NCTC. I had the same problem. Email me at
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    Hello, has anyone applied for the online, weekend LVN program? Has anyone taken the PAX test yet? If so, is the PAX test like HESI or more like TEAS?

    I am scheduled to take my exam next month.

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    Quote from txnurstud
    Hello, has anyone applied for the online, weekend LVN program? Has anyone taken the PAX test yet? If so, is the PAX test like HESI or more like TEAS?

    I am scheduled to take my exam next month.

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    I took my PAX yesterday. Honestly, I couldn't say what it compares to. The score I received was calculated based on ALL 3 sections. It is a little confusing trying to judge how well I did.

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