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  1. nursing2014-4

    Any NCTC Fall 2018 LVN Hopefuls?

    I will be taking the teas today I am so nervous. I did do a practice exam scored overall 62% so I am pretty nervous about this what do you all think is average that makes it in?
  2. nursing2014-4

    HESI A2 Entrance Exam Scores

    I am super nervous about the hesi I have heard that there are not alot of algebraic equations on the hesi is that true and what was the grammar like its been a while since I have been in school I just need pass my hesi to apply for my programs any advice?
  3. nursing2014-4

    north texas

    I am trying nctc getting a little scared about nln exam is that the same test u have to take if so what do u kniw about it?
  4. nursing2014-4

    north texas

    Anyone one in this area going to lvn school?
  5. nursing2014-4

    nln exam

    Has anyone takin this exam and what do u know about what's on this thanks I have the book but math seems to be pretty difficult
  6. nursing2014-4

    nctc lvn entrance exam

    Does anyone know anything about the testing on this exam what the math looks like?
  7. nursing2014-4

    nln exam

    Does anyone know how hard the math is on this lvn entrance exam what all is on the test? I am really stressing the math
  8. When is does test need be taken for Corinth campus and when is the advisment sesaion I thought it was in january ? Can someone please help me on this info
  9. nursing2014-4

    NCTC Online LVN 2014

    does anyone know when advisement session is for aug 2014 because I was told they picked there people for this aug in January of last yr? thanks and I am looking for Corinth campus