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Is anybody else out there applying to Navarro? The deadline is fast approaching and I'm already a nervious wreck. Last year's students started a thread to support each other during the wait and I have read it so many times. I... Read More

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    I applied LVN Program.

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    You shouldn't worry, they are probably still calculating everything.
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    i didnt get in guys,talked to them upset i can hardly work.i put so much into it too....never evr get in trouble,it follows you for the rest of your life..guess i will be a scrub tech forever,nothing wrong with that if thats all you want but i wanted more....GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!! maybe one day ill get in
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    guess i will have to delete my account... Cant imagine doing something else with my life besides nursing.
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    No just try again next year. Did you apply LVN or RN?
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    Keep your head up and try again. Not everyone gets in on their first try. Try applying to a different school maybe. If your dream is to be a nurse then don't give up on that dream. Keep pushing forward.
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    I have not gotten anything yet either. I have not gotten a letter of denial yet so my fingers are still crossed(: I am hoping mabe they have not sent out the Alternate emails. Hopefully if I didnt get in I will be an Alternate. I applied to LVN also Jherford. We should know the end of this month about the LVN progam. So I am glad someone on this post is on the LVN list also(:
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    :-) I will keep posting and you keep me updated brandielashelle
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    I sure will! We can keep each other updated(:
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    @didnt get in... did they tell you why you didn't get in? was it because you weren't cleared by the BON or was it because of points? if it's points, you can work with that. they said that your criminal history would have to be significant for you to be denied because of that. Maybe it's something you can take of and then apply again next year.

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