Moving to DFW

  1. I'm moving down to the DFW area, gosh, there are so many hospitals! I'm looking for NICU/PICU jobs- where would be a good place to start looking? So far I've found openings at Baylor, Children's Dallas and Texas Health..and they all have so many branches! Any advice? I have plenty of experience, I'm looking for the sickest kids and nicest bosses
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  3. by   jadu1106
    Also try Cook Children's! I don't work there, but have friends that do and they love it! Good luck!
  4. by   jennifer_jj
    No openings, I looked, but thanks!
  5. by   Byrnowt
    I just moved to the area 10 weeks ago. I have 16 yrs. experience,
    but I ran into trouble because I stopped at my ASN. There are plenty of
    positions posted, but they don't seem to be filling them. I have only
    received one interview request from the dozens I've applied to, and they
    required a personality test with the online application. Many hospitals
    in the area are on a hiring freeze. In today's market, some places won't
    consider a candidate from out of state. I just found a position in a blood bank!
    I've been working in hospitals for over 20 years, so I'm looking forward to the change.
    I applied for everything within a 20 mile radius from home.
    If you have your BSN, it will give you an advantage. Otherwise, it may be
    awhile and unless you can afford to hold out,
    you may have to take a different position than you'd planned for.
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    welcome to texas and the dfw area!!!!
  7. by   texasbsn
    i am moving to dfw in late spring.i have over 2 years in psyhe all areas.i have a newly aqquired bsn.i will live in burelson.i am looking to work at hugley and jps as i will be the sole breadwinner at first .however i am open to suggestions to good places to work and if possible salary ideas and tution reinversment.sorry everything in lowercase my keyboard is messing up.