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Hello all, I am going to be relocating to the San Antonio area and have found there is a large number of health systems and hospitals. I find this somewhat overwhelming and was hoping to gain some insight or feedback anyone... Read More

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    Hey Argo,

    Can you PLEASE give me the scoop on why you think "everyone hates" the VA? What have you heard from nurses working there, ex. working conditions (nurse/patient ratios, etc.) I'm at a critical decision point and need all the insight and advice I can get right now! Please help!

    Thanks for telling it like it is!

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    I posted my opinion on it before and it was deleted and I was given a warning about it so I'll refrain from talking about what the staff is like. They pay well though..... I know several nurses and physicians that have worked here locally at That VA and none of them liked it. There are plenty of old timers around in the VA but they are probably why nothing changes, that and the fact that its on the bottom of the food chain in government run health facilities. Also, there are a lot of unhappy staff there now cause 8 years ago There WAs a glitch that gave everyone a raise, they just found out about it an are trying to Make them pay it back. This WAs on the news here locally. This may actually be a help to get some oldtimers out of there. The benefits are also good there Along with pay..... sorry for some sketchy type skills, I'm on my cell phone.
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    Also, if offered a position There I would take it if there WAs nothing else of equal pay/stress value.
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    Thank you SO MUCH! Yes, I do recall a strike, I believe as recent as last September related to nurses in critical speciality areas being promised one salary to move to San Antonio, but then being required to pay the salary difference back once they moved to San Antonio and started working. Yikes!

    I have just two more questions, do you know what the nurse/patient ratios are like, say on a med-surg floor? And finally, do you think conditions will change with the many new hospitals planned for the metro area in the very near future (due to competition for staff, etc.)?

    Your answers may very well give me the strength to make my final decision....

    Thank you again for your candor and honesty!
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    1/6-1/8 is the norm. Sometimes higher depending on staffing available. I don't think the staffing will get any better only worse with more overtime to those that work. Its all speculation but with a massive place Luke brook army opening soon it Will only thin the resources locally even more. Yeah there are local school putting out lots of new fads but if You are the one experienced RN with 4-5 fish working with you it would be hard for sure. Especially someplace that's not intended to work as a schooling type Environment for externs and such. I would rather have a 30 pt floor with 4 experienced RN staffed rather than 8 new grads.
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    Again. I wouldn't turn the job down as I am very comfortable with myself an my ability. Pay is great though and you would have to deal with much less eager to work staff there than at other hospitals cause in general they know They aren't gonna get fired. I would not be happy but I would be taking a pay check home and have employment.
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    My uncle was a patient there, and he didn't have anything good to say about the VA. I don't remember everything he said about it, but I do remember him saying that "it's very unorganized." I can't tell you what exactly that is referring to, but when does "being unorganized" ever good?

    juuust my two cents!
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    thank you for saving me from jumping out of the frying pan into the fire! up to 8 (probably high acuity) patients per nurse , and i assume, frequent mandatory overtime? no way! sounds like a recipe for burnout to me.

    again, thank you for saving me from making a big mistake. i had my concerns, but just needed independent confirmation.

    sometimes, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence... :icon_roll
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    Have you tried Santa Rosa? It is a great hospital with great people. It is hard to get in as a new grad but if you are experienced it is a lot easier.
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    Quote from Argo
    I have been in San Antonio for a number of years. Here is my scoop on the hospitals... Of the major hospital systems - Baptist will pay you the most but they also have the most nurses that are unhappy with them and leave quicker, hince the higher pay rate. Santa Rosa pays the least but has very good employee approval from people I know that work there. Methodist pays in the middle of the line and people like working for the system. They all pay based on years of experience and do not negotiate too much with you on pay.

    Smaller hospitals are around also. I work at one of them that was mentioned above. They pay a little more because people bad talk them and they dont have as much applicant power.... My hospital pays quite well compared to anyone in town, if you want to know PM me. I have been with them for 10 years, they have their pros and cons but I love the people that I work with so I could say I am happy with the place. I would say at the smaller facilities you will get $3-5/hr more than at the bigger systems.
    The VA pays alot because everyone there hates it......
    I agree with everything you're saying.

    Concerning the Baptist, I 'hear' similar things from my aunt. She doesn't have a problem with the hospital. She just has a very lukewarm impression of the place.
    But it's a teaching hospital - so, that could be a bonus for new grads.

    The a hot mess...
    NEXT -->

    I kid, I kid. The VA's okay.
    @RN4LOVE, I have a few vets in the family. None of them really like it.
    ....and yet, everytime you turn around, there they are.
    At the VA. Hanging out.
    The VA is where it's at, ya'll! It's an old veteran hangout.
    It's like Country Towne Buffet, the BX and the base pharmacy rolled into one.
    I take the words of my relatives w/a grain of salt. Some of them are pretty...ornery.
    They could go to BAMC or Wilford Hall...nope. They go VA, complaining all the while.
    So, I doubt that it's that bad.
    Anyway, the VA isn't bad enough to stop me from working there. I'll talk pooh but...if they offered me a position? I'd scream, "I'LL TAKE IT!!" and report to work feasting on crow.

    I see mention of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa? I'd like to work there. Their new facility on 151 westover (by seaworld) is very nice. My aunt was a pt in 09 and said that the nurses were pleasant.
    Met a nurse who worked there. She likes her job. I suppose the smaller salary doesn't much matter?
    ...and honestly, I could deal with being paid less in a nice environment vs earning more than average while dealing with no support.
    I know that everyone has bills to pay but too many folks make too much of money. Money is just 'tool'. It doesn't matter; just seems like it.
    Meanwhile, there's something to be said for 'quality of life'....y'know?
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