Medical City Dallas Internship Program Oct. 2012

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    Just curious to see who else is starting this internship?
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    Which internship?
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    Moved to the Texas Nursing forum for more responses.
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    The GN/RN internship at Medical City Dallas starting October 22nd.
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    Yes, but which unit/specialty? I interviewed for their PICU internship but have not heard back yet, and am wondering if they have made all their selections.
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    I interviewed for CVICU and will be working in their SICU. I heard back a little over a week ago. When did you interview? Good luck!
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    A few weeks ago, and the recruiter said they were still interviewing last week. Congrats on the job, and thanks for the well wishes! I was in a SICU for my final clinical rotation and loved it There's not a lot of info on Med. City internships on here...
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    Thank you! I was in a medical/surgical ICU for my last rotation as well and loved it. This is exactly where i want to be. I created this because i could not find anything on medical city except from a few years ago. I am not usually one to start threads, but I was tired of looking everyday to see if anyone else was posting. Lol! I heard they were behind on interviewing too.
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    Sorry for all the typos and grammar issues. I am typing on my phone and not reading what I say before I send.
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    Do you all know which departments the internships will be in? I saw the posting for this internship a few days ago and it was only up for about a day or two and I applied but it seems really close to the start date to have the job posting up. Are they still interviewing? I can't seem to get a hold of the recruiter, I've emailed and called a couple of times.

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