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    Anybody get to the final hire interview and physical yet? I havent heard anything from te recruiter.

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    I have not heard anything either. It has been two weeks since they got my information for the back ground check and over a week for the drug test. If I don't hear anything today, I will probably call tomorrow. My husband thinks they are just waiting to bring everyone in the same day after they make all the final decisions from the newer interviews. Maybe, but we start Monday.
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    Just got an email from hr. She said everything is processed and asked when I can come in. Im gonna go on thursday since I have to work tom. I would email her to check. She never answers her phone.
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    I emailed her and she did get back to me. Going in on Thursday 11:00 am.
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    Just confirmed for 1130. Getting closer!
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    Can't wait to meet you! I am in Tele/PCU. I am SO excited!
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    A good friend of mine works in the PICU. What an amazing place to start!
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    That's where I will be!
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    Hello! Congrats to everyone that received jobs at Medical City. I just received an off from them last week for an internship in PCU. Do any of hall have any advice or tips that helped you get through your internship process? I am a May 2012 with no prior nursing experience so I know I need to do some refreshing. I am very eager and excited to begin my nursing career thanks!
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    I work at medical city PCU and u will be fine. Just ask lots of questions and do the best you can.

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