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  1. BubbasMom: try Baylor dental school for free or reduced services!
  2. At the hospital I am currently doing rotations at, I see surgeries (many of them MAJOR) being done frequently on cash-pay (meaning uninsured) clients. In fact, most of the pts I care for are uninsured. And most of them have had surgery. Very expensive surgery. Please let it be known that some hospitals in the area do the right thing and will operate on you, especially if this condition can worsen and cause more health-threatening issues. Granted, most surgeries will stabilize a patient, but not all conditions I have seen needed to be operated on immediately. Do NOT get discouraged. If you need a surgery, search your resources. They are out there! Sometimes you just have to dig.
  3. MedSurger

    Collin College Fall 2011 Start!

    Congrats! My name is Natalie and I am the 2nd VP of CNSA (Collin Nursing Student Association) and I will be at your orientation. I will be in my 3rd semester in the Fall. The experience goes quickly. :) I can't wait to meet you guys and I will be readily available to any of you who want/need it. Again, congratulations! See ya soon!
  4. MedSurger

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    Are they even going to deposit our payments by the end of October? I am relying on this money
  5. Hey 8674, I didn't prepare for the PSB exam. You really can't prepare for it. It's very basic math, spatial reasoning, spelling, reading, etc. The only kicker is that it is timed. Be weary. I have not worked in any medical field before, but have watched HOURS of reality trauma shows and health shows since I was a wee one. Having a vested interest doesn't hurt the subject matter absoprtion. :) You can max out the PSB at 6 points. You can accumulate up to 16 points for admission. Most get in with 15s, but 16's exist and some 14's get in. RARELY will a 13 pull it off. I am sure they haven't admitted a 13 in quite some time... Plan on taking the PSB after you have taken your core classes. It does help. If you have maxed out points in other areas, you have to have a 14 to even be considered now. Shoot for a 5 on the PSB.... HTH!
  6. Congrats!!! I will be in my 2nd semester when you guys come through; I can't wait to meet ya. If you need to know somethiing about the program, the ins and outs, don't hesitate to ask. However, you should get more than enough during your orientations. :)
  7. Hi "question" If you do have 15 points, you have a very strong chance. (by this, I mean around 95% if you are considered in-county and have all your vaccines/paperwork completed.) There have been people in the program denied because the application was considered incomplete. Have all current shot records, official transcripts, application filled out in its entirety. The program is incredible. You will love it. Good luck to you and post when you know something, it should be soon!
  8. MedSurger

    What am I doing wrong? (Hospitals & My Resume)

    CTA- I have been applying for a Unit Aide, General Clerk, Patient Transporter, Health Unit Coordinator. They are all considered entry-level, at least at the hospital I am applying to. PCA- Anything would help! Thanks :)
  9. I have been applying, like mad, to any hospital I can get ahold of. I call the potential employer, asking if my resume and credentials have been reviewed, but I am rejected or I never hear back. I have 2 solid years of experience doing admin/clerical work for the same company. Sometimes, this is all the hospital requires for qualifications. I now have a BLS Healthcare Provider CPR and was accepted into a well-known and exceptional nursing program in the area. All of this doesn't seem to be impressing the hiring staff. Any good, constructive criticism for me? I can take it :) Thanks for any help!
  10. MedSurger

    Collin College ADN Program

    Hi Gregory! I am going to be up there on Friday, bright and early! :) I will have to swing by and meet you in person. Thanks for all your information, it has been very helpful!
  11. MedSurger

    Collin College ADN Program

    I received my acceptance letter on Saturday :) I had 15 out of 16 points, live in Collin County, maxed my PSB. The three most critical things when applying to Collin. I look forward to being in the program. I have heard the stories of hard times, crying, and endless studying; however, I am mentally preparing myself. Nursing is no easy task and I look forward to facing these challenges head on. I remain humbled in my admittance to such a program with a pristine reputation. I am so excited about starting such an incredible journey. It will be tough, but I'm ready!! :)