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    Jomajoma, congrats!! I have been trying to message you for a while now to ask how everything went but your inbox has been full. How did your interview go? When do you start?
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    Quote from CarryThatWeight
    Jomajoma, congrats!! I have been trying to message you for a while now to ask how everything went but your inbox has been full. How did your interview go? When do you start?
    Hey there!! I have been trying to message you too and it wasnt going through. I did not know that was the reason why. It just says error when I sending the private message from my phone. Im going to clear my messages and pm you
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    Well it looks like I will be joining everyone at orientation- received my offer today for PICU! The job posting was taken down shortly after initial listing because they had several hundred applicants. If it reappeared, it may have been to expand the applicant pool. Here is what was available: General Medical, Surgical/Bariatric, Orthopedic, Neuroscience, Oncology, Stem Cell Transplant, Telemetry, Progressive Care, CVICU, NVICU, SICU, Emergency Department, Clinical Decision Unit, General Pediatrics, Pediatric Specialty & Hem/Onc, PICU, NICU, Postpartum, OR.

    I am thrilled to be starting in the PICU at this hospital! Everyone who was hired should pat themselves on the back because very few positions were available! I bet they will be looking for interns for spring, too.
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    Congrats Sweetpea and jomajoma! I will see you in a little over a week then. Can't wait to meet you both! So happy for the two of you. I am very excited about this opportunity and feel very blessed to have this job! I guess jomajoma and I will pretty much be living together for the next three! I am so glad I started this thread. I am still going through the background check phase as well.
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    Im really looking forward to meeting you guys!! Does anyone know how the internship is after orientation? Is the schedule still M-F? How long is the background check phase? Im getting so antsy!!
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    I was offered the Postpartum spot, but declined it today after receiving an offer at Baylor L&D. I was told there was only one spot on PP, so if you've applied and were told you didnt get it, there still could be hope!! Congrats to everyone about to begin!
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    I just went on an interview this past Monday for the oncology unit. She said she will be making final decision this upcoming week. I hope I get a spot!
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    Anybody get to the final hire interview and physical yet? I havent heard anything from te recruiter.
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    I have not heard anything either. It has been two weeks since they got my information for the back ground check and over a week for the drug test. If I don't hear anything today, I will probably call tomorrow. My husband thinks they are just waiting to bring everyone in the same day after they make all the final decisions from the newer interviews. Maybe, but we start Monday.
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    Just got an email from hr. She said everything is processed and asked when I can come in. Im gonna go on thursday since I have to work tom. I would email her to check. She never answers her phone.
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    I emailed her and she did get back to me. Going in on Thursday 11:00 am.
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    Just confirmed for 1130. Getting closer!
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    Can't wait to meet you! I am in Tele/PCU. I am SO excited!

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