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Hi everyone, I received an interview for the MD Anderson Clinical Nurse Residency Program starting hopefully mid-March. I'm incredibly nervous because this is my first call back. Anybody have... Read More

  1. by   RNTin07
    Quote from chelseafm
    yay! I got a call for an interview! And I get to do a video conference call. Mine is on Tuesday; 9am central is 7am bright and early here!
    So happy I don't have to spend $400 for a plane ticket
    Did you already have the initial phone interview?
  2. by   chelseafm
    Quote from christinejoy_d
    Did you already have the initial phone interview?
    yes, the phone interview was 3 weeks ago!
  3. by   chiq81
    how long after HR interview were you called back? I had mine on wednesday and today is Friday and Im still waiting for a call.
  4. by   kissmyace
    congrats! hopefully we get call backs for a second interview too.

    i had my phone interview on wednesday as well. so nervous!! x_x
  5. by   Rn_cn_dst
    Hey guys Im new to this forum but I also got a panel interview on monday and I am so nervous! I have been trying to get a job in the hospital for about 6 mos so this interview means A LOT to me! Any suggestions would help! Good luck to everyone!
  6. by   chiq81
    @ Rn cn dst if I may ask when did you get ur HR interview and when were you called for a panel interview. thanks
  7. by   Rn_cn_dst
    I did the first interview last monday and got scheduled for the panel interview this coming monday
  8. by   chiq81
    did they call you or they told you right after your HR interview
  9. by   Rn_cn_dst
    The recruiter set up my second interview that day
  10. by   chiq81
    I guess Im not selected cos she told me others are still being interviewed and I should be receving a call by Friday. Good luck on your panel interview
  11. by   Rn_cn_dst
    Wait when did you have you interview? I would imagine they are still interviewing ppl because of the four starting dates
  12. by   chiq81
    i had my HR interview this past wednesday
  13. by   kissmyace
    some people still get call backs for a panel interview. stay positive chiq81!