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Hi everyone, I received an interview for the MD Anderson Clinical Nurse Residency Program starting hopefully mid-March. I'm incredibly nervous because this is my first call back. Anybody have any tips on... How the... Read More

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    Yea, I imagine we came into the application period late and were back-ups in case others didn't work out?

    I start May 13. They just opened a brand new wing and are hiring new grads every 4 weeks right now, not sure if you are willing to move out of Texas, but if you are, it is a great opportunity.

    Good luck with your search!

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    Actually I know at least the Pedi department just signed a contract with a company. They expect the system to be up in 18 months.
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    Hi all,

    I've been going through this thread because I have my initial phone interview with MD Anderson soon. Any general advice? How is the second interview? I'm applying out-of-state, but I'm pretty excited to even just be considered, since Oncology is my specialty of choice.
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    I actually had my phone interview today. I think it went well I am waiting for an email to set up my panel interview. The recruiter said she will send me the available dates. I am applying from out of state as well
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    Do you automatically get a panel interview after a phone interview or do they select a few? I hope there is an option for Skype/video interviewing, but I'm willing to fly out.
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    Are the applications still being accepted?
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    I would check their website. I applied not too long ago when I saw the posting on, but I'm not sure how many they're taking
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    Its a phone screen so they select a few. The recruiter told me that they are selecting about 80 applicants for panel interviews and are looking to hire between 50- 60 new grads which is very promising. She also said that they give offers based on if they like your interview meaning that if they like all 80 applicants they will extend an offfer to everyone. They also have the option for webcam panel interviews for out of state applicants. You will be able to see the panel and they can see you but you will be on the phone answering the questions. I am an out of state applicant but I am moving to texas so I am doing the face to face interview. I am not sure if they are still taking applicants but when i picked my panel interview day there were still alot of slots left open. hope this helps.
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    Thanks Philisha. I just scheduled my video conference interview.
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    did anyone hear anything back so far

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