MD Anderson Clinical Residency - Houston

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    Hey everyone,

    I just noticed that MD Anderson is soliciting applications for their new grad residency (BSN required). Even though they prefer students who have had a rotation at an MDA facility, it is open to others. Here's the link

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    I actually just spoke to someone about this (to figure out the time frame for next cycle) and a BSN is not required. Preferred, but not required. The only academic requirement is graduating from an accredited school.
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    Can you please post a link to that? The page I found Professional Student Nurse Extern (PSNE) - Summer Program | MD Anderson Cancer Center says candidates must be enrolled in a accredited BSN program

    Maybe I'm looking at the wrong one. Thanks!
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    They always make the job postings so hard to find. Who would think to look for a Stem Cell Clinical Nurse job posting?
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    the stem cell job is no longer available!
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    Ah, wow! Hopefully someone got to that one before it closed! Here's another one
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    thanks ill apply. pls how do you answer their assessment questions?
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    hi stephalump did you apply to the program? I have a friend i told about it and they already called her for interview. Also some random persom on allnurses all said he/she has interview. I hope they call me
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    No, I didn't. I won't be able to apply until next year. I was hunting for summer externships and started taking note of deadlines for GN internships for the future

    Good luck to you! Hope you get a call!

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