MD Anderson Cancer Center RN OR Residency Sept. 2013

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to start a thread for the MD Anderson Cancer Center RN Residency program that is scheduled to start on Sept. 9,2013. I just applied but haven't heard anything back but Im not worried as they are still accepting applications up until July 19. Anyone else applied?
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  3. by   allyx226
    Just applied last night!
  4. by   qxvu85
    Awesome! Are you from the area?
  5. by   allyx226
    No actually, I am from MA. Looking to relocate since the job market up here is awful! My boyfriend has family in the Houston area so we are considering making the move there. I have been appying to several states.
  6. by   chikah_dorah
    I also applied today.. no reply yet.. fingers crossed
  7. by   allyx226
    I received an email this afternoon from HR just asking general questions: am I currently licensed in TX, what is my shift preference, what is my current pay rate, how I heard about the opportunity, etc. so that she could forward it to the department for review I'm assuming they most likely send it out to everyone..I applied a day or two ago.
  8. by   qxvu85
    same here! im fron san jose, ca and jobs here are unheard of especially for new grads. been applying to all new grad positions in several states as well.

    i also got that email from hr about TX license, shift preference and pay rate.
  9. by   qxvu85
    Has anyone been contacted for phone interviews?
  10. by   Reebles
    I just applied today! Throwing my hook in the water from the Bay Area.
  11. by   qxvu85
    Has anyone been contacted for panel interview?
  12. by   allyx226
    JUst scheduled an interview! Anyone else? I forgot to ask how many they were looking to hire :/
  13. by   qxvu85
    Did you schedule a phone interview with someone from HR or is this the panel interview?
  14. by   allyx226
    Its both, an HR interview fist over the phone an then a panel interview via web cam right after (same day)