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Maybe Moving to TX Need Advice

  1. 0 Okay, after I graduate hopefully by December, my family may be a short term move to Texas , maybe 6-9 months.

    We are trying to decide where to move, that fits the following:

    -Not too small of a town, that is diverse
    -Pretty good new grad pay, will a wide selection of health care facilities to work at (no more than 45 minutes of commuting time one way)
    -Good selection of childcare facilities
    -A rental market , that includes single family homes, in safe areas, with affordable rent.

    Am I asking for too much?

    Let me know what ya'll can come up will. All advice is appreciated!!!
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    The Woodlands, Texas has everything you ask for (and more).
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    In my neighborhood in southwest Fort Worth, you can rent a 3 bedroom house in a newer subdivision for $900 to $1100 monthly. The childcare facilities are abundant, and the southwest hospital district is only 5 miles away if you take city streets to get there. The downtown hospital district is about 12 to 15 miles away. Also, you will only be 30 to 50 miles from most Dallas hospitals.

    More info on Fort Worth. . .