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Hello Everyone!!! I just passed NCLEX & I'm just starting my job search. :nurse: I am in the Houston, Texas area & I have no experience in health care at all. I have a friend who went to an LTAC... Read More

  1. by   henga
    Hi guys I am a new subscriber to this forum. I am an Iranian /Australian nurse educated in Australia. my family and I are planing to move to Texas . I have a year experience in aged care ( nurse in charge) . just wondering to know how is nursing market there specially aged care nursing. and can somene advise me about the house price there as well. thanks alot in advance
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    Hey! Punkydoodles,

    Started early June, thanks to you,( for replying to my post back in May), I went there, got hired. Had to post here, can't send private messages yet.
    Hi Avon42,

    What location was this for LVN's? Please PM me or post it sweetheart. I am looking to relocate to Texas.
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    I am a RN and was offered a $25.00 an hour travel job in Texas. What a slap in the face. So, I can not see making more than that. Just saying..Good luck.
    Well unfortunately, there are so many new nurses graduating from school every semester now and add to that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) which will begin in full force very soon, you can expect wages for nurses and other healthcare workers to begin dropping noticeably.
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  4. by   cromwem2
    Hello Avon 42 I moved to texas a couple weeks ago looking for employment in The Woodlands. I am a new grad with no experience with my Licensed. Do you have any places that would be a good start? Thank you, Michelle
  5. by   north
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    Hello Avon 42 I moved to Texas a couple weeks ago looking for employment in The Woodlands. I am a new grad with no experience with my Licensed. Do you have any places that would be a good start? Thank you, Michelle
    Michelle, when I was a new grad, I applied for a position with St. Luke's hospital. They said they generally DON'T hire new grads. Generally, if you have NO experience, it's very hard to get a job anywhere--even in Houston which is one of the healthcare capitals of the nation. If you are willing to commute (about 30 to 45 minutes), I'd recommend applying with Icon Hospital in Humble. They are a Long Term Acute Care that does hire new grads. There are several nurses working at Icon who commute from The Woodlands.

    I should warn you that at Icon, the LVNs and RNs do the same job so you may find yourself facing tasks which are outside of your comfort zone. You can ask the charge nurse or house supervisor (or even another staff nurse) for help, of course--and they will give you an orientation too. Just wanted you to know that you will be doing some things that you may or may not have covered in school. You will have 6 patients for a 12 hour shift, they are all Acute (very sick and/or very injured), and it's fast paced. Also, there are several schools in Houston that run LVN programs and they send those students over to Icon for clinicals. It does not matter if you are a new grad or not; if there are students at the hospital that day, you are pretty much guaranteed to get one or two shadowing you (it's stressful and it throws you behind schedule). That happened to me at Icon within a couple of weeks of my hire, I was still within my 90 day probationary period, and had only had my LVN license for about 4 or 5 months--didn't matter, I had students to teach. One day I had 3 students at once! The one nice thing about it is that you can assign a student to a patient and have them help with CNA stuff (like toileting, bathing, and feeding).

    If all that sounds like something you'd like (or are not afraid of, at least), apply at Icon. The chances of you getting hired are VERY good.
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  6. by   NurseLenaJay
    I am a new grad lpn recently moved to Houston and have mental health experience from a previous job and would love to continue a career in this field. What is the name of the psych hospital that hired you , I would love to apply there.
  7. by   NurseLenaJay
    Does anyone have any suggestions on places currently hiring new lpn grads with no nursing experiences?
  8. by   Aliciab23
    Wow I thought Texas paid more than here. Im in Indianapolis IN My sister is an RN her start off rate was $33 an hour. Most RN start at 2$27 and hour here. Im a Lpn and my first job started me at $20/hr. I better stay here. lol