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  1. Aliciab23

    LPN to RN

    Looking for a good program in the MS area as I will be moving there in a couple of months. Message back if you know of a good program
  2. Aliciab23

    Northwest Mississippi Community College LPN Program

    Im currenly an LPN and Im looking for an Lpn to RN program any suggestions?
  3. Aliciab23

    LVN Pay for New Grad in Houston, Texas with NO experience

    Wow I thought Texas paid more than here. Im in Indianapolis IN My sister is an RN her start off rate was $33 an hour. Most RN start at 2$27 and hour here. Im a Lpn and my first job started me at $20/hr. I better stay here. lol
  4. Aliciab23

    Best and Worst places for LPN opportunities

    I live in Indianapolis Indiana and the start off rate here is $17.00hr being the lowest to $21hr being the highest most people start off at or around $19 to $20 an hour