LVN-BSN programs in Houston TX?

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    Does anyone know of any LVN-BSN programs in the Houston area? I'll be moving to Houston in January and am lookinf for a school. Are the programs very competative?

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    Prairie View A&M University has an LVN-to-BSN program.
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    I think Houston Baptist University does too. Check them out.
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    Thanks! Planning eventually to get an MS.....but I guess the BSN is a good starting place for that. I'll look into both those schools! Does anyone know anything about TWU? Good? Bad? Does it even have a program?
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    OP, did you have any luck with the schools?
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    TWU is a 'first tier' nursing school - excellence all the way. Their primary campus is in Denton (just north of Dallas) with nursing school locations in Dallas & Houston. They are very selective - uber competitive to get in. Keep your grades up!
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    I actually am still in the ADN part of my degree. But I wanted to make sure there are a couple schools to apply to around here, cause my hubby is up for a transfer if we want it....just wanted to get a feel for this area. Thanks!

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