LSC - Spring 2013 - Acceptance Information (dates, scores, etc...)

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    The idea of this topic is to help future applicants get an idea of the scores that got a previous class admitted or wait listed. There isn't much information out there from the school, so I thought those here that were willing to share could do so here.
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    For the Spring 2013 class:

    Cy-Fair acceptance emails application period ended on September 1 and I got my acceptance email on October 2.

    I only applied to the Cy-Fair program.
    My score was 11.68
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    I applied to Kingwood's ADN Basic Track Program only. Their application period ended on 09/07/2012 and I received my acceptance letter via U.S. mail on 9/27/2012.

    I applied with a 11.61 overall score.
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    I applied to Kingwood Basic Track and Quest. Application period ended September 7, 2012. Acceptance letters arrived September 29, 2012 via USPS mail for both the basic track and quest. I did not receive any acceptance information via email communication.

    My score was 11.68.
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    Thanx guys!.. This is very helpful cause I'm planning to apply in spring 2013. root.user you have said that you got an accptence notice via email, which email? is it the my lonestor email or your other email (yahoo, gmail, hotmail)? Because this is the first time I'm hearing about acceptence notice through email....thanx!!
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    Thank you so much for making this thread!! I am planning on applying for Montgomery ADN in January. It's really nice to know the scores that were accepted at each location. I had a B in psych, but am planning on blowing this HESI out of the water next week so hopefully an 11.5 ish can get me through!
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    I applied to the Basic Track program (Kingwood) and was accepted with a 11.52!
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    Hi heather5619!
    Am applying for Cy-Fair with a 11.54 this January. Good luck with your HESI test!
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    I applied to Cy-Fair a year ago (Spring 2012) and was wait listed (with a score of 11.47) but accepted a month later
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    alex1987, Hi, how is the program at Cyfair?

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