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Hi, just wanted to start a post about my process of applying at lonestar. Hope to hear from other applicants! I have just taken my HESI and will be applying for the spring semester with a score of... Read More

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    Quote from gaylawaller
    I JUST PASSED MY HESI!! I dont mind sharing my A&P exam questions. The questions are more difficult than my pass (2 times) hesi A&P. I MADE A 96! Math 90,All English were B averages (my weak area). My chart score is 11.33 and hoping to get in for cyfair first choice!! I so eagerly excited as I have came a long way baby! Anywho, I am looking forward to studying nursing with many of you!! GOOD LUCK!!!
    Would love to know how & what you studied for the Hesi, specifically the A&P Part bc. that's what I failed Thank you!

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    I used this book Admission Assessment Exam Review 3rd edition - ISBN: 9781455703333| US Elsevier Health Bookshop
    Bought it off Amazon though because it was a little cheaper. It was a good refresher!
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    What did you think about the A&P section? I have that book and there were still questions I didn't know on A&P. Is it because I have only taken A&P I?
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    Definitely. The book just gives you a basic idea of what to expect, you really gotta know your stuff. Once you take AP 2 it should be easier, unless you get a bad professor. Taking both micro and AP 2 in the summer, yikes! Good luck!!
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    Thank you! hopefully I can get it knocked out after A&P 2. I'll be devastated if i don't pass!
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    Hey guys, I will be applying in a few weeks after I retake the Hesi. I failed the A&P section, but will pass it this time, hopefully!!! Just wanted to check in and wish everyone good luck!
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    Hell0 all. I have 2 a's and one b. last year I had 1 a and 2 b's and applied to kingwood with like a 10.79. I decided to retake English to boost my gpa. I have completed all per-req.'s and have so far 7.66 points. I have to take the hesi next month and hope to get an A. I will keep you all posted. Any pointers on A&P portion?
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    You give me so much hope. I will be retaking the HESI test for the 3rd time in AUG, and boy is the pressure on. So, what did you use to study this time. I am thinking of finding a study buddy, maybe that will help me.I hope you get in, my 1st choice is Kingwood Fall 2014. Today is the 1st day of open enrollment for Cyfair and Kingwood. Good Luck to all!
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    I have been doing quiz after quiz on free hesi website for the a&p. maybe if anyone is interested I can start a Facebook page for applicants trying to get accepted for spring 2014 start date.............., let me know all.......... I w ill be applying to kingwood.
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    Baandrew what is your score thus far?

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